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How Vistry Group tailored iCIMS for its 1,200 hiring managers

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With between 250 and 300 live jobs at any given time, this leading UK homebuilder has an ever-growing community of 1,200 hiring managers. The recruiting team needed a scalable solution that could streamline hiring processes and be tailored to meet the needs of its many individual hiring locations.

The Vistry Group approach

Vistry Group’s biggest challenge used to be inefficiencies resulting from manual processes that hiring managers found difficult to use.

iCIMS’ configurability has allowed Vistry’s talent leaders to give hiring managers more control while maintaining visibility into the recruiting process at the macro and micro levels. Hiring managers tailor the platform to meet their needs and those of their hiring location, which allows them to manage everything from posting job ads and shortlisting candidates to making offers.

“With iCIMS, we are able to make the platform work for our entire hiring manager community,” said Emma Jones, Group Head of Recruitment.

Two Vistry Group employees pose outside a newly constructed home
Vistry Group employees wear yellow high-visibility vests outside a newly completed home

Streamlining the recruitment process

Before moving to iCIMS, Vistry Group used manual processes and spreadsheets for everything from tracking candidates to creating requisitions. This meant waiting for each party to approve a document before sending it on to the next. Now, approvals work with the click of a button, significantly cutting down on manual admin time.

Vistry’s recruiting team utilizes event notifications to let each department know when a candidate’s status changes. For example, when a candidate accepts an offer letter, the IT team is notified to set up their tech, and payroll is alerted about their paycheck.

The team also has access to personalized dashboards, which provide visibility into open roles, candidate shortlists and other hiring metrics that they use on a regular basis. “Having more visibility and control over the hiring process has been invaluable to us,” said Jones.

Reaching candidates where they are

For many of Vistry Group’s candidates, replying to an email during the workday isn’t possible, and working outdoors on a job site can make it hard to schedule an interview.

With iCIMS Text Engagement, hiring managers at Vistry Group automate texts for everything from prescreening checks to scheduling interviews. When a candidate’s status changes in the system, it triggers a pregenerated message, helping streamline processes and making communication with candidates easier.

Vistry Group employees break ground on a new construction site

iCIMS provides us visibility, control and efficiency.

Emma Jones

Group Head of Recruitment, Vistry Group

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