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How an online mental health provider turned an unengaged talent pool into a hire-ready pipeline with marketing automation

London, UK
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Marketing Automation

With a move to a new applicant tracking system, Healios had a pre-existing database of unengaged candidates. The organization needed a solution to help refresh its pool of talent and identify which candidates were cold, warm and hire-ready.

Healios’s approach

Using iCIMS Marketing Automation to tailor communications with respect to role and interest, Healios ran two campaigns for separate talent pipelines.

Healios’ first campaign targeted tech and product candidates, while the second targeted clinical healthcare professionals. The two dedicated nurture campaigns encouraged candidates to learn more about Healios’ employer brand, update their details and indicate their readiness to apply for a new opportunity.

Healios CEO Rich Andrews
Healios employee

A key focus of Healios’ campaigns was to showcase the organization’s values, highlighting its caring ethos and innovative culture.   

Throughout the two nurture campaigns, trackable links were used to understand which candidates were engaging with the organization’s employer brand. Using marketing automation, each candidate was assigned an engagement score based on their interaction which let the team at Healios know exactly which candidates were ready for a hiring conversation.  

Healios now has a defined pipeline of in-demand talent. When the time comes to recruit, the team know exactly which candidates to reach out to.

With iCIMS Talent Cloud, Healios:

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Nurtures its database of 6,170 healthcare candidates   

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Engages its pool of 2,000 tech and product candidates

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Knows which candidates are engaging with its employer brand and are ready for a hiring conversation


tech and product job seekers indicated they were hire-ready


average open rate


healthcare job seekers indicated they were hire-ready

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