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SiteOne creates trust and boosts completed applications by 55%

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Best Use of Employee Generated Content

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SiteOne faced fierce competition for specialized talent. Senior Manager of Diversity and Early Talent Initiatives Michele Posehn, knew she needed a proven partner with a platform that could help her quickly engage potential candidates. Based on her previous experience with iCIMS, she recommended the enterprise platform.


Increase in applications


Candidate response rate

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Candidate response time

The SiteOne approach

Posehn acknowledged running into her first hurdle in building the right team. Filling many of these roles, such as CDL drivers, was challenging due to a talent shortage.

“In a highly competitive talent market, we recruit approximately 2,000 people annually in our ‘field,’ which includes drivers and hourly employees,” she said.

SiteOne employee shows customer sod samples
SiteOne employees raise money for military veterans

The power of storytelling with iCIMS

To stand out in the competitive labor market, SiteOne underwent a dramatic career site makeover. As Posehn put it, “We knew the new career site needed to tell a story as to why somebody should come here.”

They aimed to define their brand and create an inviting site. Posehn added, “We wanted to highlight our ARGs (Associate Resource Groups) and communities.”

Video Studio has been a game-changer for our career pathing program. It allows us to showcase the diverse career journeys within our organization and inspires our employees to explore new opportunities.

Michele Posehn

Senior Manager of Diversity and Early Talent Initiatives, SiteOne

The role of employee-generated videos

Employee-generated videos using iCIMS Video Studio helped create a personal connection. “That helps them decide why they should choose SiteOne as their employer of choice,” she said.

Posehn also emphasized how iCIMS Video Studio played a pivotal role in their career development initiatives.

These efforts have resulted in a 55% increase in completed applications.

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SiteOne employees assist with Open Hand

Instant connection through text

Text Engagement was crucial in early talent communications, keeping SiteOne top of mind for internships and future positions. SiteOne saw a 52% response rate and a 5-minute response time for text campaigns.

“iCIMS has played a pivotal role in our ability to create student pipelines and nurture early talent. It was about building a strong talent pool for the future, and iCIMS’ technology was instrumental in achieving this,” Posehn said.

Better data, better teamwork

SiteOne also tracked KPIs with user-friendly analytics, helping build better partnerships and relationships with other departments.

“It’s about building better partnerships and relationships with other departments. Visual analytics allowed recruiters to demonstrate their value to internal stakeholders and showcase their contributions to the organization’s growth,” she added.

With this partnership, iCIMS design for talent acquisition and enhancing brands has fulfilled one of SiteOne’s philosophies on their career site: “More than a company, we’re people who care about people.”

SiteOne team poses outside by their office sign

“iCIMS has been the catalyst for change in our recruitment strategies. Our success story with iCIMS continues to unfold, promising growth, and we are excited to see where it leads us.”

Michele Posehn

Senior Manager of Diversity and Early Talent Initiatives, SiteOne

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