A New Way to Experience iCIMS

iCIMS Staff
June 10, 2020

iCIMS is rolling out enhancements that will empower the way hiring teams work, communicate, and collaborate. This new experience, referred to as ignite, is fueled by feedback from thousands of talent acquisition professionals and a deep knowledge of recruiting. Get ready to lean less on the tactical nuances and recruit with purpose.

Our goal is to modernize and simplify workflows to connect people to jobs easily—while maintaining the power that iCIMS is known for.

Let’s keep in mind, creating beautiful software is more than just making it look great. While visual appeal is important to our users, it’s the underlying function that truly defines it. The key to effectively deliver captivating and meaningful software is to strike a balance between usability and experience.

  • Usability refers to the overall function of a system is often measured by the level of ease or difficulty users experience to achieve their goals.
  • Experience refers to the overall emotion and is commonly measured by a user’s satisfaction level when using an application.

iCIMS ignite brings it all together with a new experience that is easy on the eyes and cool to the touch. We’re taking inspiration from your favorite apps in your personal life, and applying it to how you find, engage and hire talent. We’re reimagining every inch of our solutions to benefit  recruiters, hiring managers, and executives.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Smoother, more efficient workflows: get more done in less clicks, in less time, with leaner resources
  • Mobile responsive application: log in from any location, from any device without losing functionality
  • More collaboration between hiring teams: complete actions, collect feedback, and work more effectively
  • Faster communication: one click to email, text, call and schedule interviews with candidates

The result? Completing tasks faster, so that you can worry less about the process and put your focus on people. Here’s some initial responses from customers using the new experience:

  • “Slicker, more modern” – Suzette
  • “I love that there are fewer clicks and a one glance view.” – Katianna
  • “The view is crisp and the groupings are intuitive.” – Adam
  • “The filter feature is GREAT!” – Alex
  • “I like that the hiring stages are listed and you can better view the candidates.” Lakeisha

Join us on the journey as we help blend work and life through a mobile-optimized recruiting experience. Reach out to sales or your iCIMS representative to see ignite in action.


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