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This one innovative marketing principle is poised to change the face of talent acquisition

Gazmend Kalicovic
April 29, 2021

Have you ever gotten a perfectly-timed email or advertisement from a company and wondered, “Are they reading my mind? How did they know I was thinking about implementing a new team collaboration tool?”

Companies do this by leveraging what is now a popular strategy – account based marketing, or ABM. They use purpose-built software to help them track each individual account’s actions and movement across multiple channels, and then consolidate that information into a single, dynamic record. This then gives marketers the ability to curate unique interactions tailored to each of their prospect’s journeys in the sales cycle. Instead of one-to-many marketing, they’ve activated one-to-one engagement at scale.

Sadly, I get the polar opposite experience from most companies when it comes to hiring. Every so often, I’ll receive a generic, poorly timed InMail on LinkedIn asking if I’d be interested in a new job. The use of my first name in a mail merge is about the only personalization I can expect to receive as a prospective candidate.

But imagine if you could take the proven marketing principles behind account based marketing and use them to level up your talent acquisition program. What if you were able to attract the right candidate and engage them at just right time, with just the right content, to get them on your team? What if you were able to have contextual, truly personalized conversations with each of your candidates based on their actions and preferences?

Until now, this possibility was limited by the fragmented technologies that make up most talent tech stacks. Gathering insights and orchestrating a cohesive talent acquisition program across a separate ATS, a separate CRM, and a litany of other recruiting tools has made the possibility of a recruiting strategy equivalent to account based marketing all but impossible.

It’s time we reimagine how talent teams build their winning workforce

I’m convinced that a new approach to talent acquisition is needed, one that mirrors the principles of ABM.

To win the best talent, companies will need to activate personalized, engaging experiences at each stage of the talent continuum to effectively convert candidates to employees. Instead of one-to-many recruiting efforts, they’ll need to follow a person-focused recruiting methodology – a tailored, one-to-one recruiting experience.

So, say goodbye to generic “spray and pray” emails to stale talent pools, and check out these three capabilities available through the iCIMS Talent Cloud that can help you deliver personalized, differentiated, and high-converting candidate experiences:

  1. The Dynamic Candidate Profile

One-to-one, personalized candidate interactions are made possible by our new Dynamic Candidate Profile – a single, continuously enriched profile that unifies candidate data across the iCIMS talent acquisition software.

By bringing candidate data across multiple iCIMS applications into a single profile, recruiters now have 360-degree visibility into their candidates and are empowered to drive conversations with context. They can view candidate actions and history across multiple channels – which recruiting events they’ve attended, or what they talked to the last recruiter about via text – all in one place.

We just released new features for the Dynamic Candidate Profile that provide a “quick view” to see how a candidate is engaging across your business, plus a new message center within the profile to view and initiate email, text, and chat communications.

  1. Authentic, multi-channel recruitment marketing via iCIMS Video Studio

Distribute production-quality, employee-generated video content across multiple stages of the talent continuum to deliver a truly memorable candidate experience. Easily post branded employee testimonial videos on your career site to provide prospective candidates with insight on what to expect regarding your company culture.

Thanks to the latest Spring Release, you can now even integrate employee-generated videos into your digital offer and onboarding experience. You can also tailor that content to specific audiences; if you extend an offer to a software engineer, for example, they’ll benefit (and be more likely to convert) by hearing from current software engineers within your organization.

  1. Integrated job advertising

We partner with some of the most innovative job advertising providers in the world, many of whom specialize in intelligent, programmatic advertising. You can create your jobs within iCIMS Applicant Tracking Platform and then distribute job-specific ads across thousands of recruitment sites and job boards, all of which can link back to your iCIMS Career Site.

Our job advertising partners offer a variety of capabilities that can help ensure your recruiting efforts are effective, timely, and highly resonant, from AI-powered ad placement capabilities to advanced demographic targeting.

Learn more about our job advertising partners by visiting the iCIMS Marketplace.

iCIMS can help you activate innovative, personalized, one-to-one candidate experiences at each stage of the talent continuum to help you build your winning workforce. Check out some of the latest innovations coming out of our Spring Release.


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