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Pay transparency: How iCIMS solutions helps you do it right   

August 23, 2022
iCIMS Staff
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 In the first article of our pay transparency series, we learned that the expanding number of new and increasingly complex laws across the US and other countries make it difficult for organizations to stay compliant when recruiting and hiring new employees. While Colorado, New York, and Connecticut have numerous laws in place, Washington, Maryland, Nevada, and Rhode Island (January 2023) have also passed similar laws. Even if you’re not headquartered or hiring remote employees in one of these states, will this eventually be the new norm throughout the country? It might be. 

Candidates are in favor of salary transparency practices 

According to a recent poll by Talent.com, pay is the most important factor for job seekers. Since a salary transparency law was enacted in Colorado, job listings have dropped, but employment has increased. A recent article from CNBC says early data suggests that more people want to find work in Colorado now that employers are required to list salary ranges on job postings. With numerous states following suit (if they haven’t already), it might make sense to incorporate these best practices regardless of where your headquarters are located or the states where you hire. 

63% of employees prefer to work at a company that discloses pay information over one that does not, according to a survey by Glassdoor


Be proactive. Be transparent. 

While these laws might not impact you at this time, it’s worth thinking about the processes and solutions your company currently has in place. What would you need to do to maintain compliance if your state were to implement new laws around pay transparency?  

If you’re an iCIMS customer, you’re in a good position. Our lineup of solutions helps check most of the boxes needed to provide the level of transparency states require and that modern job seekers expect. While these laws are state-specific and sometimes vary slightly, you can consider incorporating this level of transparency into your best practices for every state where you hire. Rather than displaying or providing this information solely to the candidates residing in these states, you can make this your new normal and create a consistent experience for all job seekers, candidates, and existing employees. 

Here are some ways iCIMS can help you be more transparent in displaying or disclosing salary ranges, information about benefits, and notifying existing employees about promotion opportunities:


iCIMS ATS and Career Sites 

iCIMS Applicant Tracking software makes it easy for you to set up the sharing of salary range data by automating the inclusion of salary data in job postings on your career site.  

If you’re an iCIMS customer, it’s simple to configure your system to allow recruiters to add salary data to the job description. This information will then always be displayed on the job posting and when your jobs are crawled by Google. iCIMS also makes it easy to include salary data in the job description itself.   



Including salary data in job postings is only one part of the equation. You may also want to automatically share new jobs with both internal and external candidates. iCIMS Candidate Relationship Management job alerts let you do just that. Once job alerts are enabled and configured by the recruiter admin, candidates can regularly receive an email digest of new and relevant job postings.  

Job alerts can be based on a candidate’s profile details, or you can choose to automate this experience further with the support of Talent Discovery (an iCIMS Talent Cloud AI feature). iCIMS AI adheres to internationally recognized responsible AI pillars that allow you to set up job alerts based on their skills and experience. 

iCIMS Digital Assistant 

Did you know you can leverage the AI-powered chatbot that sits on your career site to direct your candidates to open roles where salary information is displayed? You can also provide details about your company’s benefits directly within the chatbot. 

Incorporating this kind of information into the conversational flow lets your digital recruiting assistant answer questions and point candidates to relevant jobs, freeing up time for recruiters. 

iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace 

Many new laws apply not only to your public job postings but also to how you communicate with your current employees about pay transparency and job openings. iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace makes it easy to create a single space for current employees to learn about open roles and how to progress in their careers. By leveraging our applicant tracking system within iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace, we also make it easy to include salary data on internal job descriptions.  

Next steps 

While not all US states have implemented pay transparency laws, it’s clear that pay transparency is here to stay. If your organization isn’t already prioritizing your strategy around pay equity and transparency, now is the time to start those discussions and find a path forward to make this a standard part of your business processes.  

iCIMS is here to help, and our technology can complement and support your organization’s pay transparency efforts. Click here to contact us and learn more. 

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