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Talent is ‘Upgrading’. So is your competition. It’s time to rethink how you create a winning team.

February 22, 2022
iCIMS Staff
4 min read

You’ve heard it, and odds are you’ve experienced it. The “Great Resignation” has impacted most organizations in one way or another.  

Employee turnover has had an overall negative impact on organizations last year, according to 83% of C-level executives, as reported in the 2022 iCIMS Workforce Report.  

And although there have been record levels of resignation, talent is not “resigned.” They are not leaving the job market. The broader trend is that talent is leaving for another job in the same industry. Employees are, in the words of Bharat Ramamurti, US National Economic Deputy Director, “upgrading.”  

Reimagine what’s possible with the iCIMS winter release 

The good news is there’s never been a better time with iCIMS. And if you think you know iCIMS, think again. iCIMS has always provided a market-leading applicant tracking system (including powerful offer management and onboarding capabilities – both vital for today’s market). But for the past several years, we’ve been on a mission to create and deliver a next-gen talent platform – the iCIMS Talent Cloud 

We’ve been consistently delivering on our mission with innovative, award-winning capabilities such as applied AI to automate certain activities, in the flow of work experiences (iCIMS for Microsoft Teams), and employee-generated content with incredible iCIMS Video Studio, and our 2022 winter release is no exception. In fact, it represents a key mile marker on our mission to help you transform how you attract, engage, hire, and advance talent.  

With our winter release, we’re bringing our market-leading external talent experience inside to your employees. We’re proud to introduce iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace!


We’re elevating the employee experience so you can go beyond providing employees ‘opportunity identification’ and provide true ‘opportunity inspiration.’  

And while our iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace is certainly the highlight of our winter release, many other important innovations are now available. There are more automated yet personalized experiences with AI-powered similar job recommendations on career sites, dynamic video content delivery, and even iCIMS Video Studio screen recording to help you capture and share quick social and informal content. We’re also delivering on our unified talent platform with redesigned candidate self-scheduling and a more simplified, secure login experience.  

 You can learn more about iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace and all the highlights of our winter release in my recent conversation with Megan Gimbar, senior product marketing manager at iCIMS.


Yep, talent is “upgrading,” and so are your competitors. Peek inside the iCIMS tent. Get to know the community of more than 25,000+ talent innovators who rely on iCIMS. I think you’ll be surprised and inspired to reimagine what’s possible.   

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