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Improving candidate communication: Step up your mobile recruitment strategy while maintaining compliance

July 10, 2019
iCIMS Staff
3 min read

With more than 6.1 billion people texting worldwide, it’s no surprise that job seekers and employers are using text messaging to communicate – in fact, 86% of people agree that it would be beneficial to receive text messages during the job application process. But employers who don’t have formal systems and processes in place for texting job candidates are putting themselves at serious risk.

Mobile recruiting provides HR teams with an opportunity to reach candidates who are typically harder to reach. In iCIMS’ Candidate Experience Report, 73% of U.S. employed adults surveyed said texting is the most direct way of reaching working them during a busy day and 57% prefer text messaging over email when scheduling interviews.

Job seekers also want a mobile-first, personalized experience that offers a quick way to apply. Think Yelp, Uber, Netflix or Amazon. These brands offer personalized experiences like serving up recommended restaurants or items, relevant searches based on location, and offer an easy “one-click” check out. Employers are adapting recruiting processes to mirror the best shopping and search experiences with texting and AI tools.

Compliance and strategy tips when texting candidates

Resolve compliance risks and improve recruiting efforts with a formal text recruitment system. Here are some things to keep in mind when recruiting through text messages:  

Text messaging software improves candidate communication management

Integrating text messaging software, like iCIMS Text Engagement, with your recruitment platform can help manage candidate communications and mitigate compliance and security risk factors – such as access to sensitive candidate data.

A formal system not only helps maintain compliance but also enables recruiters to streamline workflows, track conversations and ultimately expedite the hiring process. This is especially important for organizations that need to hire a lot of people quickly; a manual process is not scalable.  

Finally, text messaging software also provides recruiters with a layer of anonymity in that they do not have to share their personal contact information.

Remain compliant with GDPR and data privacy regulations

Regulations to protect data are on the rise. Some of these laws require organizations, including employers, to provide consumers and job candidates access to and the ability to edit and purge data on file.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to comply with these data privacy regulations. Storing candidate conversations in your recruitment platform will help streamline communication and, in most cases, should enable your business to more easily execute data privacy requests.

iCIMS Text Engagement customers see success with candidate communication


iCIMS Text Engagement gives OHL’s recruiters the ability to text message candidates from their iCIMS dashboards and easily and simultaneously confirm interview dates and times. Today, recruiters typically receive responses from candidates in an hour or less and have a 93% aggregate text messaging response rate.


A Fortune 500 global technology solutions provider that hires more than 1,400 people a year, CDW saw an opportunity to evolve its recruitment marketing strategy by leveraging iCIMS Text Engagement for text messaging, live chat, and automation.

Since implementing iCIMS, the CDW talent acquisition team has saved more than 5,000 hours, allowing its recruiters to focus on the high-value, high-impact portions of the recruiting lifecycle and positioning the organization to be a market leader for the future of talent acquisition. They are also seeing better results with an 87% response rate, three-minute response time, improved recruiter efficiencies, and a more positive candidate experience.

Final thoughts

Automated text messaging and live chat can be used at several steps of the hiring process: prescreening and qualifying candidates, interview scheduling, capturing candidate data, onboarding and more. Testing and doing QA with a small group can help you create the best text messaging process and strategy before rolling it out to the larger team and candidate base. These solutions automate engagement, but it is important to keep in mind that it isn’t about reducing teams – it’s about repurposing that time saved into other high value and high impact areas of the recruiting lifecycle.

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