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Shannon Scott

As a serial entrepreneur and acting CEO of TaxBreak ( a subsidiary of Neon Workforce Technologies) , Shannon Scott offers diverse professional experience and dynamic perspectives on profitability and business growth. He has owned and operated multiple successful information technology and business consulting companies over the past twelve years.

His first company, Capsource Technologies, was established in 1995 and privately sold in 1997. He, then, established his second company, Infusion Technology, in 1998 which was also sold privately 2002. In 2003, he began Netleverage Consulting and, after the company experienced rapid growth, sold that company in 2006.
In 2007, he became a partner in Taxbreak and the acting President. In 2009, Shannon was appointed the Chief Executive Officer. Under his guidance, the company has experienced exponential growth. He has dramatically improved the infrastructure and increased the profitably of the organization, as well as expanding the service offerings into new markets.

Under his leadership, the company’s growth has been recognized by INC year after year, receiving the INC 500 award in both 2008, and 2009, and the INC 5000 award in 2010.

The success of these companies, in addition to his strong information technology, sales and business operations background has also afforded him consultative roles at some of the most successful companies in the United States. 

He received his BA in Business from the University of Alabama in 1997.

The cost associated with hiring, training and retaining employees in today’s economy can be tough on any size business, especially ones with higher turnover.  HR executives are constantly being pressured to lower costs but still stay just as productive. What was the old line from Rodney Dangerfield? “I don’t get no respect, no respect”. Have you ever asked yourself what you would do as an HR professional if you had more money to put back into the company you work for or even better, your department?

Employment based tax credits may just be the answer you are looking for. Integrating tax credit recovery into your hiring process could earn your company hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by identifying the people who may qualify for tax credits.  These tax credits were designed to financially reward businesses that provide opportunities to certain target demographic and geographic groups by reducing the actual amount of taxes your company owes. Tax credits help employers with some of the additional costs associated with training and retaining disadvantaged workers while reducing unemployment. Simply put, you hire people, and you can generate additional cash flow for you business.

First implemented during the Reagan Administration in 1981, tax credits are worth up to $9,600 per qualifying hire.  On average, one in five new hires will qualify your company for a tax credit.  Some target groups for the credits include veterans, supplemental security income benefit recipients, residents of empowerment zones and enterprise communities and food stamp recipients.

Unfortunately, complex eligibility requirements, hectic hiring schedules and detailed documentation can make capitalizing on these opportunities seem challenging and labor intensive. Billions of dollars in tax credits are left on the table each year because companies do not have the tools necessary to recover these credits. Using an integrated solution like TaxBreak’s tax credit recovery program alongside  iCIMS Talent Platform, can alleviate the difficulty and leverage the tax credit benefits more effectively. 

As you look for ways to streamline the hiring process, you can turn your HR department into a profit center by screening job applicants or new hires for tax credit eligibility.  Integrating tax credit recovery into an organization’s hiring process can greatly increase efficiency, including a 90% reduction in paperwork.  An integrated solution can also pre-populate tax credit forms as part of the new hire package.  The new hire e-Signs the forms and they are automatically sent to TaxBreak, who coordinates certification of the credit. (Now that is easy!)

In return, you can then pour the money you save back into your business by hiring more employees, investing in new technology or sales and marketing.  Just imagine when you put your super hero cape on and tell your CEO that you just found your company $100,000. I bet that respect situation starts to look a whole lot better!


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Early this past Saturday morning, as a nor'easter that spent the weekend tearing up much of the Northeastern United States raged outside, I was awoken by the phone ringing.  A friend who lives a few towns away was breathlessly asking about the big fire in our town, and checking to make sure we were OK.  “Fire?” I responded.  “What fire?”  I had not heard any sirens, alarms or large firefighting equipment navigating our narrow Victorian era streets. I opened my front door to see if anything was going on outside, and was met with the howling wind, and the smell of burning wood. 

I bundled up against the wind and rain, grabbed the dog, and set out to investigate.  I only had to go about 6 blocks, and encountered an entire village of fire companies and rescue crews that seemed to have sprung up overnight.  They had efficiently roped off dangerous areas, ran networks of hoses all around our tiny square-mile town, set up rest areas for weary firefighters, and evacuation centers for displaced residents.  All attention was focused on a smoking pile of embers that had once been an historic hotel and six adjacent houses, burned to the ground by flames whipped by gale force winds coming off the ocean just a block away.



I began reading the sides of the fire trucks.  All the neighboring beach towns were there, as well as companies from as far away as Freehold and Englishtown, New Jersey.  200 firefighters in all responded, from 19 different companies and 8 rescue squads.  When fire strikes in historic Ocean Grove, a town filled with late 19th Century wooden homes and tents that are standing so close to each other that in some places they are actually touching, the response is massive.

What I found amazing was how well organized everything was, and how well everyone was working together to ensure that the already massive inferno did not take out the rest of the town.  Nobody was getting in anyone else’s way; every need was being attended to; where one group of firefighters was stretched to capacity, another was there to reinforce them, as if the 19 companies worked together all the time.  Meanwhile, other organizations, like the Red Cross, had set up in a nearby building providing blankets and dry clothing, and a local restaurant was providing food and drink. A well-oiled machine had sprung to action in just a couple of early morning hours.  The whole scene brought to mind how important it is to have a strong network of Partners to offer support, backup and fill in the blanks when there is a need that is beyond one’s capacity to meet.

Such networks of Partners can be lifesaving in cases like the Ocean Grove fire, and on a less dramatic scale, they can make a world of difference in business.   Recognizing this, iCIMS has worked diligently to establish partnerships with organizations that complement our offerings well, and who also place an emphasis on offering a first class customer experience for our clients that we value so highly.  iCIMS Preferred Partner Program has benefited many of our clients, such as Dave & Buster's, Walden Security, and Whole Foods, who have taken advantage of the Talent Platform’s integration capabilities beyond Talent Acquisition and Management.  Additionally, iCIMS and its partners have benefitted by being able to share information on industry trends, offering our common clients more complete suites of services, and freeing up our time to concentrate on developing our own products and services to their fullest.

Whether you are an existing or potential iCIMS client, or an existing or potential partner who would like to learn more about how our partnership program can benefit you, please visit the iCIMS Partner Portal here.

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