Hire Top Talent Faster

The iCIMS Hiring Suite

Create seamless candidate journeys, from application to offer to preboarding.

Navigate the hiring lifecycle better than ever before

Through automated workflows, end-to-end analytics, and seamless integrations, the iCIMS Hiring Suite helps you:

scale faster

Scale Faster

Single-stream workflows to create greater efficiencies, shorter hiring processes, and better candidate experiences

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Utilize robust reporting to gain strategic insights and optimize hiring paths going forward

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate Risk

Maintain clean data to stay current, compliant, and to keep candidate information secure

PRODUCTs that shorten the time-to-hire

The candidate experience has many steps – many of the most critical coming after they apply. Create a seamless journey from application, to offer letter, and right up to your new hire’s first day.

iCIMS Recruit

Applicant Tracking

Find and manage applicants so they stay engaged throughout the entire hiring lifecycle. With this best-in-class applicant tracking system, you’ll prioritize the candidate experience to reach your hiring goals faster.

iCIMS Offer

Offer Management

Automate time-consuming, manual offer processes for consistency and scalability. You’ll get them in the door faster, while simultaneously reducing errors to improve compliance.

iCIMS Preboard

Employee Preboarding

Get mandatory forms, paperwork, and other onboarding activities done before employees' first day. You’ll set the right tone before they arrive, and empower them to hit the ground running.

New rules require better tools

Senior leaders consistently cite acquiring top talent as a key driver for business success.
In today's candidate-driven market, yesterday's methods just won't work.

Leaders want scalability and cost savings


Speed is a major part of both. But, compared to 2010, it now takes 62% longer – five additional weeks – to fill the average vacancy, all at a cost of $11.25M per 1,000 vacancies.

(CEB: CEB HR Leadership Council for Midsized Companies 2015)

Leaders want better results through better reporting


Organizations that have the most advanced analytics capabilities tend to pull ahead of industry peers. They are twice as likely to be in their industry’s top quartile of financial performance and 5X more likely to make decisions faster than market peers.

(Bain & Company: The value of Big Data: How analytics differentiates winners 2013)

Leaders want digital transformation


67% of CEOs report that if their organizations don’t make significant upgrades to their digital capabilities by 2020, they’ll no longer be competitive.

(Gartner: 2019 HR Executive Priorities)

Now’s the time to replace disparate systems, manual methods, or other workarounds with powerful hiring tools to reach your talent goals. There’s too much at risk otherwise.

The longer they wait, the more likely they’ll leave

In today’s labor market, job seekers have lots of options. Every day you make them wait is one more chance to lose them. Multi-stepped processes, cumbersome workflows, and disparate systems all prolong the time-to-hire and create a window for your competition to swoop in and steal your best candidates. Smart businesses who can automate and integrate workflows remain agile, competitive, and poised for growth.

How well does your solution set you apart from the competition?

Gain Greater Control of Your Hiring Process

You don’t have to be at the mercy of a hyper-competitive market or disparate systems. The iCIMS Hiring Suite puts you back in charge. Start integrating systems, maintaining security, and scaling your business today – and reach your hiring goals of tomorrow.

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