Find and Nurture Your Best Candidates Faster, Easier, and for Less

iCIMS Nurture simplifies talent pool engagement to help you build robust talent pipelines, shorten time-to-fill, and reduce hiring costs. Seamlessly integrate it with your ATS to grow the relationships that grow your business - and do it at the right speed and scale.


Job candidates lined up for interview

Surface the Best From Talent Pools, Automatically

Don't start from scratch with each new position. With iCIMS Nurture, you can engage candidates sourced via networking platforms as well as those who have already shown interest, including "silver medalists" for previous reqs. Automatically surface the best match in your talent pools to offer recruiters strong candidates recommendations specific to their available job postings.

Continue to Engage Former Employees

Need a communications plan for furloughed or former employees? With iCIMS Nurture, you can keep them in touch and informed via targeted email campaigns, making it easier for you to quickly bring them back on board when you're ready to rehire.

Talk to More Candidates with Text Recruiting

Meet candidates where they already are on the channel that boasts a 90% response rate - text messaging. With iCIMS Nurture, you'll engage them more effectively - and instantly - across preferred channels of communication and avoid playing phone tag.

Engage Talent Remotely with Virtual Career Fairs

Continue to connect with candidates through virtual recruiting experiences. Our chat-based online events provide employers with a powerful and cost-effective way to reach talent regardless of their location or availability.

Grow Your Talent Pools with Online and Offline Events

Take charge of events with digital tools that let you worry less about logistics and focus more on relationship building. Manage events from start to finish with the ability to drive registration, electronically receive resumes on site, and send follow up communications.

Never Lose Sight of Quality Talent

Continue to surface the best-fit talent for new roles regardless of when they entered the pipeline. AI organically searches through vast talent pools to quickly present the strongest match for any role you're looking to fill based on a simple keyword search.


Candidate viewing email on mobile phone

Integrate Seamlessly with Your ATS

Get an end-to-end view of the candidate journey without manual reporting mashups. Use iCIMS Nurture alongside iCIMS Recruit or with virtually any other ATS or HCM. Our turnkey integrations mean less time and less IT support needed to get your recruitment marketing initiatives off the ground.

Get Up and Running, Fast

Reduce CRM overwhelm with our CRM playbook, full of easy-to-follow guidelines and best practices that show your recruiters how to get started. You'll leave them feeling empowered and proactive, which will leave you getting the most out of your CRM.

Match and Prioritize Best Fit Candidates

Automatically discover or rediscover the most qualified candidates from deep talent pools with an intuitive CRM powered by machine learning algorithms. You'll enable your recruiters to spend less time searching and screening through candidates, and more time nurturing those proven to be a great fit.

Optimize Your Outreach with Robust Analytics

See who's hot or cold with candidate activity that's automatically tracked and logged for easy reporting. With iCIMS Nurture's robust analytics, you'll know who's most interested so recruiters can prioritize their outreach.

"We've structured our workflows to better meet our needs today and for the future. We're managing things collectively. It's all in one system. It's all about timing, and keeping candidates engaged"
- Room & Board


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