AI Recruiting Software

It’s impossible to ignore the importance of human interaction during the recruiting process. But that doesn’t mean a machine can’t handle some of the hard work of sourcing candidates and analyzing data. Artificial intelligence (AI) recruiting software helps recruiters speed up time-consuming HR functions, but it can also assist in scheduling, recruitment marketing, the candidate experience, and more.

Here, we’ll explore how companies can use AI recruiting software to optimize their recruiting processes.

What is AI recruiting software?


AI recruiting software is a technology application that applies computer-driven learning and problem solving to recruiting tasks, freeing up human recruiters to focus on other responsibilities. AI recruiting software is primarily used to surface candidates from large candidate pools, but it can also help to remediate bias in the hiring process.

Artificial intelligence refers to the science of making intelligent machines and computer programs. In this context, AI recruiting software uses algorithms and machine learning (ML) to become more effective and generate more accurate results over time. AI recruiting software may exist as a single software solution, or it may be embedded in a recruiting software suite, operating in key areas to make recruiters’ lives easier.

What does AI recruiting software do?

AI recruiting software operates by analyzing data points from applicants, job openings, and third-party data. This type of analysis might take humans weeks to complete, or even months or years, but an AI solution can complete it in mere moments. The software then generates actionable insights from that data, which it delivers to recruiters in the form of recommendations.

Generally, AI recruiting software is designed to perform three functions:

  • Match candidates with relevant roles
  • Prioritize recruiters’ time to improve productivity
  • Remediate bias in the recruiting and hiring process

Every human recruiter wants to be fair in their practices, but it is almost impossible to eliminate unconscious bias. Furthermore, some hiring processes have inherent biases built-in, which are often difficult to identify. Both factors can cause setbacks to the creation of a diverse workplace.

AI recruiting software remediates unconscious bias simply because it removes it from the process. It remediates bias within recruiting processes because it can access an entire talent pipeline, considering every possible candidate instead of just as few as time allows.

How does AI recruiting software fit into the recruiting process?


AI recruiting software primarily operates at the beginning of the recruiting process, as it’s highly effective at surfacing candidates from large talent pools. This is how such a solution facilitates automated candidate sourcing—the process of building a talent pipeline using technology.

However, AI is useful in many other types of recruiting operations. It can be used to:

  • Rediscover passive candidates
  • Identify internal hiring opportunities
  • Drive diversity hiring initiatives
  • Match viable candidates with applicable roles

Recruiters are only just beginning to understand the many applications of AI in the field. AI can also assist in recruitment marketing, candidate engagement, and chat.

Why is AI recruiting software important?


The hiring landscape is rapidly evolving and expanding. More and more companies are becoming global enterprises thanks to remote working technologies, which means a single job opening can receive hundreds of applications from around the world. Inevitably, this leads to a large quantity of data points that human recruiters could never fully analyze or comprehend.

AI addresses this problem by analyzing those data points for the recruiter and delivering actionable insights and recommendations. AI is necessary for recruiters to successfully tap into wider talent pools, so they do not miss out on candidates with the best talents and skills for the job.

Bias is still an inherent problem in the recruiting process. Although training and education can help to address unconscious bias, they cannot completely remove it. AI operates without the risk of unconscious bias, and it has become an important tool for company diversity programs.

It’s important to note that artificial intelligence is not a replacement for human interaction. Although AI recruiting software can revolutionize candidate sourcing and matching, the candidate journey always leads to an interaction between the recruiter and the candidate, as well as an interview. AI recruiting software should empower human recruiters, not replace them.

What to look for in AI recruiting software


Best-in-class AI recruiting solutions should be equipped with advanced automation tools and predictive analytics, and they should be backed by a team of experts. Look for solutions that offer transparency in their processes. You should understand how AI and ML have been applied and how they generated specific outputs.

AI recruiting software is a new, evolving technology, so you should not settle for a static, on-premise solution. Look for a solution provider that is committed to rolling out new features and innovations as the capabilities of this technology grow and change. As such, you should consider a cloud-based solution that can be updated efficiently.

This is one type of recruiting software that you cannot compromise on, especially if your company is serious about eliminating bias in the recruiting process. Only trust solutions that were generated through rigorous R&D and are backed by a talented team of technologists. Look for positive expert reviews, industry awards, and responsive customer service when making your choice.

iCIMS’ AI recruiting capabilities


iCIMS Talent Cloud features an industry-leading AI recruiting software. It enables HR organizations, recruiters, and hiring managers to accurately match candidates with roles, save time, and remove bias from the recruiting process.

This award-winning software incorporates proprietary algorithms and machine learning with third-party technologies to create more accurate outputs. Designed with humans in mind, it empowers recruiters to take complete control over their process, providing clear context into the software’s decision-making.

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