iCIMS Announces General Availability of iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace and New AI Capabilities

Internal mobility solution and AI-powered capabilities delivered in iCIMS’ Winter Release help organizations to overcome the biggest workforce challenges of today and the future

HOLMDEL, N.J. [Feb. 22] – iCIMS, the talent cloud company, is reimagining the employee experience with iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace, now available to help talent teams reengage, retain and advance employees. The company introduced the new solution in October to remove the complexities with talent advancement and reduce the potential cost of turnover.

C-level executives confirm that employee turnover has had a negative impact on their organizations, according to new iCIMS research, and in December 2021, global industry analyst Josh Bersin predicted that learning, skills and career pathways will become business critical this year. iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace can help organizations overcome these challenges, bringing its market-leading external candidate experience to the employee with omnichannel communication, purpose-built AI and skills curation to inspire people to stay and grow with their current organization.

“Although there have been record levels of resignation, talent is not ‘resigned’ from the labor market – people are leaving their current roles for new opportunities,” said Mark Brandau, vice president, portfolio marketing, iCIMS. “People are upgrading their jobs, and organizations must upgrade their talent strategy and technology to remain competitive and retain talent. Organizations that are struggling to meet business goals, due to staffing shortages, could benefit from looking within their existing workforce.”

New iCIMS Talent Cloud innovations within the winter release help to:

  • Connect with internal and external talent with AI-powered capabilities. iCIMS takes an applied intelligence approach to AI with native technology that is applicable for various uses across the iCIMS Talent Cloud to simplify, accelerate and inform hiring and talent mobility processes. iCIMS is future-proofing its solutions with state-of-the-art technologies, including its newly patented Ensemble AI, to make it easier for candidates to find relevant roles, get hired and develop their career path. Its AI-powered job matching and digital assistant capabilities intelligently connect people with the right jobs, using the ensemble stacking method to improve accuracy and reduce bias.
  • Transform how organizations reengage and retain talent. iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace makes it easier for employees to manage their skills within their dynamic talent profile and discuss career development opportunities with a digital assistant 24×7. The solution was designed to elevate the experience so employees can go beyond ‘opportunity identification’ to ‘opportunity inspiration.’
  • Create innovative, hyper-personalized experiences. Talent teams can now convert more talent with dynamic video content that can be shared across various channels throughout the talent journey to tell the right stories at the right time. Enhanced email marketing automation enables talent teams to send more relevant content to reduce candidate ghosting, nurture in-demand talent and more.

Business leaders know that their organization won’t be able to meet their goals without the right talent. More information on how iCIMS’ new innovations can help accelerate change across the entire talent journey is available here.

About iCIMS

iCIMS is a leading provider of talent acquisition technology that enables organizations everywhere to build winning workforces. For over 20 years, iCIMS has been at the forefront of talent acquisition transformation. iCIMS empowers thousands of organizations worldwide with the right tools to meet their evolving needs across the talent journey and drive business success. Its AI-powered hiring platform is designed to improve efficiency, cut recruiting costs and build exceptional experiences for candidates and recruiters. For more information, visit www.icims.com.