New Research Explores the State of Hiring in Healthcare

Leading recruitment software provider, iCIMS, releases report on hiring in the healthcare industry, sheds light on job growth in the industry

MATAWAN, N.J. [February 15, 2017] –  iCIMS, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based talent acquisition solutions, released a comprehensive healthcare report today, which highlights the factors driving changes in healthcare hiring today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), healthcare professions will add the most jobs of any occupation group from 2014 to 2024.

“Healthcare has always been a steady source of job growth and the BLS projects that healthcare-related occupations will continue to grow,” said iCIMS chief economist, Josh Wright.  “While this need for healthcare positions won’t be changing anytime soon, two factors driving changes in healthcare hiring are demographics and policy.”

The report covers hiring metrics, time to fill and the number of applicants per position, for the healthcare industry as a whole and various subcategories of the industry including hospitals, standalone ambula­tory care clinics, nursing/residential facilities and social assistance organizations.

Key findings from the report include:

–      Ambulatory-care employers and nursing/residential facilities face the greatest challenges in attracting applicants, yet ambulatory-care employers fill positions faster than other categories.

–      Nursing and residential facilities see the fewest applicants per position.

–      Technical healthcare positions receive the fewest applicants per position and have seen the steadiest tightening in their competition.

–      Healthcare support positions, such as home health aides, get filled faster than other healthcare occupations, despite usually receiving the most applicants per position.

“The number of applicants per open position in the healthcare industry has been declining over the last three years indicating tough competition for talent within the industry,” added Wright. “Healthcare recruiters face intense pressure to maintain their current pace of hiring, adapt to emerging trends and plan for longer-term shifts. Ultimately, healthcare organizations will adapt to future needs through a combination of technological innovation and new organizational designs – everything from emergency rooms and special clinics to telemedicine and data analytics – but they will also require a greater number and different proportions of healthcare workers to meet the demands of the future.”

To view the full report please visit iCIMS Hiring Insights.

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