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iCIMS Acquires, Launches New AI Solution for Building Transformative Workforces at Scale

HOLMDEL, N.J. [May 14, 2020] – iCIMS, Inc., the market-leading cloud recruiting platform provider, today announced the acquisition of, the Ireland-based data science company that powers best-in-class artificial intelligence for talent, and the launch of iCIMS Talent Logic, a new AI solution that delivers speed and precision for building transformative, diverse workforces at scale. Powered by and iCIMS’ patent-pending capabilities, iCIMS Talent Logic brings customers entirely new AI that helps reshape the future of hiring.
HR organizations, recruiters, and hiring managers will be able to discover, engage, and hire candidates faster and more efficiently using iCIMS Talent Logic. Leveraging iCIMS’ unrivaled data set, which contains billions of hiring data points, iCIMS Talent Logic equips organizations with the cutting-edge tools they need to stay a step ahead in a rapidly evolving workforce environment.

“I’m excited for our customers to reap the benefits of industry-leading machine learning coupled with an unrivaled data set – including shorter times to hire, lower costs to hire, and identification of the best talent to transform their workforces,” said Steve Lucas, iCIMS CEO. “We’re thrilled to welcome the team to iCIMS and launch iCIMS Talent Logic and, more broadly, are excited to demonstrate iCIMS’ position as an innovative leader in AI for talent.”

“iCIMS continues to be one step ahead in the talent acquisition space and this move further showcases that they are providing a market-leading platform that supports employers in this new way of work,” said Megan Buttita, research director for IDC’s emerging trends in talent acquisition. “A robust native engine combined with iCIMS’ existing multi-faceted ensemble AI and their vast customer database will yield extremely powerful machine learning capabilities. iCIMS is well positioned to support organizations to become more efficient across the entire hiring lifecycle, enhance workforce planning, and bolster diversity and inclusion efforts. By casting a wider net, employers can surface candidates they may not have considered previously, which will support them in building a diverse workforce.”

“We are elated to join iCIMS and drive further AI innovation that delivers tremendous value to customers,” said Andreea Wade,’s co-founder and CEO. “Together we simplify the discovery of jobs and talent, predict the best talent fit, and uncover crucial insights from billions of points of talent and jobs data.”

About has built a best-in-class and award-winning talent recommender engine. The data science company leverages machine intelligence on top of existing large-scale recruitment processes: matching & ranking of candidates in relation to jobs, skills inference, and recommendations, CV summarizing, salary recommendations, parsing, and analysis of resumes, information extraction, intelligence around talent pools and the human capital ecosystem at large. is an award-winning Irish company based in Dublin, Ireland. The company has been named one of Europe’s 20 super AI, SaaS and enterprise start-ups. More information at

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