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The Three R’s of Recruiting - Recruiting Strategy and Methodology

April 7, 2017
iCIMS Staff
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Have you been hearing a lot more about being efficient, conscious, and conservative this month? It could be because Earth Day is sparking conversations among organizations looking to implement green initiatives that make every day processes more efficient and resourceful. The driver behind this need for change is the passion to make small improvements that contribute to a larger impact on our planet. This desire to transform strategy through incremental improvements that save valuable time and energy may sound familiar to many recruiters. Sixty-eight percent of HR leaders are struggling to recruit full-time employees across all industries, but with a new take on your existing recruiting strategy and some inventive thinking, the three R’s can have a huge impact on talent acquisition as well.

Recruiting Strategy and Methodology

Reduce, reuse, and recycle recruitment practices this spring with the three R’s of recruitment.


In recent years, talent acquisition has been everchanging. Between the rapid introduction of innovative technology solutions and the newly established expectations of modern candidates storming the workforce, there is certainly pressure to adopt new talent acquisition strategies. So, what if you could compete with an easier approach? Placing time and effort into the areas of recruitment where your organization shines is the first step to building a solid foundation for an effective recruitment strategy. Take career fairs for example. If you plan to attend 30 each year but are seeing few quality candidates as a result, it may be time to reduce efforts to only the most successful events. Allocating recruiter schedules and budgets to ten solid career events that reach target candidates, will build stronger candidate connections and leave a real impression. Sometimes all it takes to make an existing process stronger is to assess which activities are showing real results, and which are potentially wasteful to the organization.


When it becomes clear that a recruitment activity is no longer working, don’t be so quick to throw it away forever. With a modern spin, ideas and energy of the past can be reused to guide a new strategy. One example is social recruiting. Attracting job seekers through social platforms is becoming a critical aspect of recruitment marketing, but many organizations find themselves using the same familiar platforms to engage with job seekers. With 57 percent of job seekers using social media at least once a month to learn about potential employers, recruiters must stay on top of evolving trends. Luckily, content established on one platform, can be easily reused to venture into new popular social networks that job seekers are looking at. Evaluating posts that receive high engagement, and creating a regular content schedule around them establishes a fresh strategy with little investment and big results.


Just like we recycle items with the hope that they will one day become a brand-new product, recruiters should never “throw out” quality talent that they do not have an opening for at the time. Often, a job applicant is a wonderful fit with the company culture but lacks a specific skill required for the open position. Keeping in contact with these candidates by establishing talent pools based on experience level, department and special skills can make it easy to fill future positions and not lose out on great talent. Don’t fear the opportunity to suggest an alternative position to a candidate, even if that is not the position they had originally applied for. Most importantly, once you have established a pipeline of quality individuals, don’t let them forget about you. Communicate regularly with company updates and open positions, made simple with automated recruiting software. Once a position becomes available, you will have an established pool of qualified talent to pull from and make a hire confidently and quickly.

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