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Out with the old, in with video-led experiences: See it in action at HR Tech

The evolution of video engagement is happening right before our eyes. From using Skype to connect with distant family and friends, to Zoom for work collaboration, and now influencer marketing and relationships are built on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. As video content is on the rise, and exponentially so during the pandemic, it only makes sense for organizations to attract, engage, hire, and advance top talent through video as well.  

The problem? HR teams often don’t have the bandwidth, video editing expertise or budget to create compelling video content. Employers know that talent expectations are growing, skills in demand are evolving, and the competition to secure best-fit talent is increasing, but budgets aren’t keeping pace.  

iCIMS believes that video is essential in the new future of work. After all, nothing captures people’s attention and passion as much as video does – so what better way to connect with current and prospective employees than with their preferred medium of video? 

Enter iCIMS Video Studio, a platform for employee-generated video testimonials. 

Our solution provides a differentiated candidate experience and caters to candidates’ searches with relevant content to the job description, with little additional effort from HR teams. Teams can record quality video content easily without the need for (or expense of) a professional videographer, focusing on topics that matter most. As for the team members editing the content, they can turn their smartphone/laptop into a production studio – editing videos is as easy as using features on their phone. 

With video-led experiences in the talent cycle, employers can reimagine the digital experience for job candidates, new hires, and current employees by sharing details on roles and company culture, creating a sense of belonging while authentically communicating updates to help create excitement with new hires throughout the entire talent lifecycle. Not only that, but this modern experience empowers employers to spotlight their own people and transform culture from a buzzword into a competitive advantage with employee testimonial videos for career sites, social media, job descriptions, email, and text campaigns. And it all happens in one easy-to-use appno video production team necessary. 

iCIMS data has shown that video-led experiences not only change the candidate experience, but can play a major role in candidates’ decisions to apply. According to our Class of 2021 research, 58% of Gen-Z job seekers are looking for employers who value diversity. Through video-led experiences, companies have the opportunity to authentically communicate their DEI goals with candidates on their career sites, such as sharing more information on their employee resource groups (ERGs) to celebrate and understand different cultures, as well as their efforts in DEI trainings and courses for employees. Authentic communication with candidates through employee-generated videos, as opposed to corporate messaging, can be the difference between getting the right talent on your team and losing top talent. 

See iCIMS Video Studio in action at the 2021 HR Technology Conference 

Attendees at this year’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas, Sept. 28-Oct 1, can learn more about iCIMS Video Studio by visiting iCIMS’ booth (#2126) for a live demo of the app. There, you can also chat with one of our team members about how this solution can help your company more authentically engage with candidates and employees through employee-generated video content. iCIMS Video Studio will also take the stage as one of 13 winners of the conference and Human Resource Executive’s 2021 Top HR Products Award, iCIMS’ fourth consecutive honor from this program. You can learn more about what to expect from iCIMS at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition here 

Industry impact of employee video content 

“There is no doubt that video, in particular short-form video that can be easily created and viewed on the go, is the primary way many people today want to consume content of all kinds,” said Steve Boese, program chair and host, HR Technology Conference & Exposition. “With iCIMS Video Studio, HR and Talent Acquisition teams can leverage these trends to help employees create and share compelling video content showcasing their employer brand, the organization’s culture, and details about their career opportunities. It’s an exciting HR technology innovation and one that I am sure will drive impressive results for iCIMS customers.” 

IBM, Hilton, and Spectrum are just some of the leading employers that are transforming their company’s talent experiences by leveraging employee-generated videos on career sites, social media, content, and other channels to attract, engage, hire, and advance talent. Learn more about their use cases of iCIMS Video Studio by registering for iCIMS’ INSPIRE Virtual Conference, Nov. 16 and 17, where I will be moderating a panel discussion with leaders from IBM, Hilton, and Spectrum. 

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