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New innovations to power your transformation

February 23, 2021
iCIMS Staff
6 min read

It’s never been more challenging to create your winning workforce. iCIMS is answering the call with our Q1 ’21 Winter Release.

For CEOs, the number one priority in the post-pandemic future of work is business agility. 

According to a new 2021 study, the ability to respond quickly and pivot without losing momentum is a top priority “to an unprecedented degree. The 3,000 CEOs that were surveyed said that COVID “challenged leaders to focus on what’s essential– like their people.”  Although CEOs are urgently seeking adaptive approaches for their talent, it’s never been more challenging to create these ‘winning conditions.’ Why?  

Because COVID identified new workforce and talent risks, increased hiring complexity, and exposed outdated HR technology that was never designed for today’s challenges.  

iCIMS is on a mission to help organizations create their ‘winning conditions’ by transforming how companies attract, engage, hire, and advance their talent. Like you, we know that talent powers transformation, and when the right talent joins the right team, your organization wins.  

This is why we’re thrilled to introduce our Q1 2021 Winter Release, which will help you improve adaptivity and build your winning workforce. In this releaseyou’ll find improved, more agile virtual experiences for both candidates and hiring teams, new AI-enabled capabilities that help recruiters actually do less, yet deliver more, and deeper talent insights to drive amazing hiring results.

Here are the iCIMS Winter Release highlights:






  • Accelerate hiring decisions with the new iCIMS for Microsoft Teams: Give your recruiters and hiring managers the ability to provide interview feedback during or after live video meetings, directly within Microsoft Teams. 
  • Gain more control with new, native video interviewing: Following our acquisition of EasyRecrue, iCIMS Video Interviews is now native to the iCIMS talent Cloud to provide more value as you scale your virtual recruiting.  
  • Deliver a better mobile experience for your busy hiring managers: iCIMS’ mobile app for hiring managers is completely redesigned with a more modern, intuitive experience.  
  • Unify your candidate data in a centralized, Dynamic Candidate Profile. Get access to everything from job application history to AI-based insights, all from a Dynamic Candidate Profile that is continuously enriched with data from multiple sources. 

These innovations are part of the iCIMS Talent Cloud platform that also now includes iCIMS Video Studio. This solution allows teams to create professional employee testimonials in-house without the production studio price tag. iCIMS Video Studio transforms the candidate experience by providing employeegenerated videos on your career sites, within job descriptions, email campaigns, social postings, and more. Check out how customers like Target and Valvoline use it. Simply amazing.   

You can find all the details here in the release highlights.  

Join us on March 10 for a brief overview of what’s new for the iCIMS Talent Cloud. Register here to save your seat! 

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