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iCIMS code of ethics: Our commitment to trusted, powerful AI

Emerging tech such as AI and machine learning (ML) helps HR do less and deliver more. However, for leaders to confidently transform hiring with AI’s data-driven recommendations, they need to trust how the technology works 

At iCIMS, we believe that AI and ML elevate HR’s impact but that hiring decisions should be made by the humans, not the technology. That belief has led us to create scalable solutions that mitigate risk to protect our customers as they adopt AI and ML tech 

With our iCIMS Talent Cloud AI as a critical and foundational element of our Talent Cloud, we proudly share our commitment to an ethical use of AI and ML:  

iCIMS AI Code of Ethics

iCIMS believes that AI and ML for talent should be: 

  • Human-led.  All decisions should begin and/or end with human decision points. 
  • Transparent. AI/ML contextual recommendations should be explainable to support human understanding and decisions. 
  • Private & secure.  Applicable data privacy and security measures should be extended to all AI/ML data storage and processing. 
  • Inclusive and fair.  AI/ML should be designed as fair, compliant technologies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion while furthering the well-being of customers, candidates, employees, and partners. 
  • Technically robust and safe.  AI/ML technologies should be designed as robust applications to decrease the risk of unintended consequences or errors. 
  • Accountable.  AI/ML technologies should be designed to work responsibly, and support audits, risk assessments and mitigation actions aligned with good corporate governance. 

iCIMS’ ethicastandards for AI and ML are based largely on recognized, global standards such as the AIHLEG Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI driven by the European Commission and the OECD Principles on AI which influenced the AI principles adopted by the G20. It was important to us to create a code of ethics to address additional aspects of AI and ML not addressed by data protection regulations like GDPR.    

This code of ethics will serve as our guiding principles for how we address algorithmic bias, ensure data quality, and provide explainability within our AI solutions. It will help us responsibly solve for current and future hiring needs so you can: 

  • Simplify work through automation
  • Dynamically engage talent with hyper-personalized experiences 
  • Confidently overcome recruitment bias 

It’s our job to empower your talent team with trusted, powerful AI that is responsible and explainable so you can become a data-driven organization. Let’s innovate together. Learn more here about how to transform hiring with iCIMS’ AI recruiting platform.   

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