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How TA tech should support hiring managers

Working with hiring managers can be challenging. You need them just as much as they need you, yet you’re often caught playing a game of tag.

In a remote world, the game gets even more complicated. Your colleagues (like the rest of us) might be over-burdened with personal challenges and are at their limit with daily Zoom calls.

Now is the perfect time to rethink how you can engage with colleagues. So, ask yourself how can you use your talent acquisition software to drive better collaboration with hiring managers?

Step 1: Stay connected through mobile recruiting software

To keep the hiring process moving along smoothly, the last thing you want to do is provide another process for your internal teams to follow. It’s now possible to provide them with a quick and effortless way to get you what you need.

A smart mobile app can help you stay connected and drive better communication with hiring managers . You can provide all the details on candidates who need review, get approvals on offer letters, and ask for feedback that gets stored within iCIMS Applicant Tracking.

You don’t even need to ask them to type anything: everything is created in a quick format. They can hit a thumbs-up button, choose pre-populated answers, and accept/reject items that require their approval. Life just got a whole lot easier.

Mobile recruiting software

Step 2: Improve quality of hire through video interviewing

After you build out your candidate slate, recruiters can look to save on time spent in the interview process. iCIMS Video Interview Software on-demand format pre-qualifies candidates at scale with pre-screening questions, while AI/ML works behind the scenes to score the responses.

The benefit to the hiring manager: Smarter, data-driven decisions that can help qualify talent faster and improve quality of hire. By gaining additional insight into the candidate’s skills and qualities you’ll knock-out contenders that don’t meet the position’s qualifications.

Step 3: Get in their flow of work

In addition to the mobile app, there’s another option to keep hiring managers engaged. iCIMS is now integrated with Microsoft Teams to help you gather interview feedback from your managers faster and more efficiently than ever before. Simply create feedback questions in iCIMS and distribute them into Microsoft Teams. Hiring managers then provide their feedback in real-time during a live interview or after the fact. You get the feedback you need quickly, and hiring managers get things done easily in the app they use every day. It’s a win-win.

Step 4: Adding a personal touch for candidates

Hiring managers are looking for any advantage they can get to convince that star candidate that joining their team is the right decision. A simple, yet effective way to stand out from competing opportunities is to get your hiring managers behind the camera. Nearly 40% of candidates would be more likely to consider applying or accepting an offer if they received a video from their potential boss. The 90 seconds it takes for hiring managers to complete a video might just be what sets you apart.

iCIMS Video Studio makes it easy to create personalized and authentic employee-generated content. In a few simple steps, you can produce high-quality, branded videos that truly capture what you’re looking for in your next hire while sharing your company culture and critical information regarding your hiring process — all through the voice of your employees.

To learn more, check out iCIMS’ Q1 2021 Winter Release highlights video. We’re dedicated to improving experiences across the board, and you can learn about the other enhancements that will help you get ahead.

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