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Does your recruiting software support internal mobility?

iCIMS Staff
March 5, 2021

For many employers, sourcing internally is becoming a main priority.

According to our latest iCIMS Workforce Report, where we bring together trends from our 332+ million global users with insights from HR leaders, internal mobility is #trending.

72% of HR professionals report that up to half of their workforce has been shifted into new roles.

Our findings indicate employers today are looking within to fill specialized roles:

  • Competition is fierce for the most in-demand skills, and employers are in various states of restructuring from the pandemic. All things being equal, candidates with diverse skill sets will be more valuable than those with very narrow specialties.
  • This year it’s more important than ever to maximize your workforce’s potential by putting the right talent into the right roles.

Having the right talent in the right seat helps increase an organization’s adaptability and success. Therefore, with the right recruitment technology to support your mission, you can build upon your diverse, winning workforce.

How do you ensure your current recruiting software supports internal mobility?

3 areas of opportunity for internal mobility


  1. Build your pipeline and recruit from within.

Build an internal pipeline of talent within your candidate relationship management platform by offering product training, mentorship programs, and opportunities for employees of any role or rank to develop new skills. Better still, use success stories to attract new external candidates via internal talent community newsletters or social posts.

  1. Cultivate a work environment that encourages internal mobility and advancement.

Create an employee career site to make it easier for hiring managers to find internal candidates with in-demand skills and for employees to move internally. Use the internal career site to share pictures, employee-generated videos, and success stories from around the organization.

  1. Train and redeploy employees into new roles.

Cross-training employees is a low-cost way to foster knowledge sharing and preserve institutional insights. It’s also an excellent way to ensure you hold on to your best talent. Provide your employees with a clear path to growth and future success to keep them engaged and continuously innovating at your organization.

As you build your workforce, it’s critical to see how your current talent acquisition platform supports unbiased and data-driven decisions and helps support your internal growth goals. (Dive into more stories, strategies, and tactics for diversity and inclusion in recruiting here.)

Want to learn more about the strategies and tech needed to build a diverse, winning workforce? Check out the 2021 Recruiting Strategies Guidebook.

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