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Create and manage your career site with confidence

May 3, 2021
iCIMS Staff
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With hybrid and remote work more common than ever, your company’s online presence is even more critical to giving candidates an understanding of your values and a sense of what it’s like to play for your team. Your career site is your best opportunity to bring values, culture, and that hard-to-put-into-words feeling of your employees’ sense of belonging to something bigger.

In today’s post, we’ll cover how to put your career site software to work with a few key takeaways:

  • Career sites that use video drive more traffic and give candidates the authentic experience they crave
  • You can differentiate yourself in the market by addressing DEI head on
  • Career site software that includes a content management system (CMS) offers an easier way to add and maintain fresh, relevant career site content

Let’s dive in with a few things to consider when building out your career site strategy.

Quickly capture candidate interest with video by making your employees the stars

There are different stages of a candidate’s journey, but it starts with being open to a new opportunity. Your career site needs to be ready to capitalize on this audience. According to CareerArc, 68% of millennials visit an employer’s social media page specifically to evaluate the employer’s brand.

On your career site, ensure your company’s culture and employer brand are on full display. Prominent visuals and clear content are a great first step, but consider the impact of video featuring your real-life employees. Highlighting current employee testimonials through employee-generated video content will add an authentic peek into what it’s like to work at your company. Plus, it will help you attract more candidates. According to iCIMS data, employers that use video increase SEO traffic to their career site by up to 75%.

Job seekers also spend up to 37% longer on your site when video testimonials are used. Remember when you secured the coveted interview at your company?

You anxiously walked through the glass doors to their building, greeted the receptionist, saw friendly faces of employees in the halls, shook hands with the hiring manager, and sat across them in an office for your conversation. Seems like another world, right?

With virtual hiring and remote work, a candidate may not even go to your headquarters, let alone see smiling faces in the halls. Your team members talking about their experience on your career site helps bridge that gap.

Learn more about the power of video in hiring in this infographic.

Highlight your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion recruiting, make your career site your best advocate. Only 48% of companies have a DEI statement on their career site, so you can easily set yourself apart from the competition with iCIMS Career Site templates. Simply start with the template and make it your own with inclusive images and messaging. Use iCIMS Diversity Recruiting Software and connect with people from historically excluded groups in more meaningful ways. For example, you can use our template to show off your annual diversity report, DEI hiring statistics, ERGs, values, and more.

Go beyond ping pong table perks and provide candidates with relevant, up-to-date info

The world changes fast, and candidates (who are consumers like you) expect your site to remain relevant and fresh. Candidates are hungry for details that set you apart from competing employers. Do you have exceptional healthcare, a progressive remote work policy, or unlimited vacation? Telling your story on your career site is easy when you can add new information, create a landing page, or add a video easily and quickly. A content management system makes implementation and updates easy for your TA or marketing teams without website downtime or help from developers. You can also easily route drafted updates to internal stakeholders for quick review/edits.


Learn more about iCIMS Career Sites here.


Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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