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Celebrating Black history is part of our mission at iCIMS

February 22, 2021
iCIMS Staff
4 min read

Here at iCIMS we don’t just celebrate the black community because the calendar hit February 1. We celebrate, support, and highlight black employees and other Historically Excluded Groups (HEGs) throughout the year.

It’s part of our mission at iCIMS: We are committed to cultivating a culture where we celebrate diversity and embrace inclusion so that everyone knows they truly belong here. In doing so, we attract, engage, hire, and advance a winning workforce and empower other organizations to do the same.

As part of our Black History Month activities, we asked a few representatives from our BIPOC community to create employee video testimonials answering the question: “When did you become passionate about Black History Month?” My own response surprised me, because it started when I joined iCIMS. That’s largely because in the past, I’ve struggled with bringing my whole self to work.

Whether it’s changing my hair, tone, or pieces of my individuality – I’ve hidden a piece of myself. This experience isn’t unique to just me, but something that many black people face at one point or another in their profession.

Watch my full response below:

University Specialist Sarah Bradley from iCIMS’ Talent Acquisition team created an employee video testimonial to share her own journey celebrating Black History Month.


Since becoming a member of iCIMS’ talent acquisition team in 2019, it’s all changed for me. My work became a place where I was seen for my true self and I let go of those old fears. I felt a true sense of inclusion and belonging – especially after joining iBelong.

iBelong is a grassroots group built by iCIMS employees who felt passionate about our diversity and inclusion efforts. As a member, we are committed to pushing D&I forward. This group has empowered individuals to build Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) under iBelong (e.g., Women @ iCIMS, Pride +, and others), has given a platform for HEGs, and is a safe place for people to learn, grow, and network.

As we celebrate Black History Month this year, I and my fellow members of iBelong are passionate and excited to elevate black voices. In addition to internal announcements and events, we’ve curated a list of our favorite movies, charities, businesses, and other digital resources for our colleagues to enjoy. This includes:

To learn more about iCIMS and how we’re working toward building a more diverse and inclusive workplace, visit our career page. Also, check out our social media channels for more team members’ video responses.

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