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Build a better job seeker experience with a recruiting chatbot and conversational AI

November 15, 2021
iCIMS Staff
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Does this scenario feel familiar? It’s 11:54 p.m. The household has long been asleep. There’s one light on in your office, and you’re toiling away at your laptop, hunched over, with potato chips at your side. You’ve been doing it all: researching top workplaces, browsing employer review sites, and doing the endless scroll on job boards and career sites.  

Even if it’s been a while since you’ve had to look for work, you remember those nights of being the tired, frustrated job seeker. The worst part? Feeling like you had to wait on the employer to advance you in the search for the next step in your life. 

We at iCIMS live and breathe research into the challenges and day-to-day experience of hiring teams and candidates alike. And we continually invest in our technology to ease the pains job seekers feel. We’ve found that when we help solve candidate struggles, we also help hiring teams reach recruiting goals faster. Empowering candidates to find right-fit roles on their own helps create a more empowering and efficient experience where they can advance their initial search, application, and even record a response to an interview prompt on their own time. With AI-powered job search, dynamic career sites, employee-generated content, and a recruiting chatbot, candidates can take charge of their own journey to find their next role and even move to the next stages. 

Learn how to build a better job seeker experience with our Definitive Guide to Creating a Recruiting Chatbot. 

How recruiting chatbots can improve the candidate experience globally 


In our 2021 Fall Release we launched a new video interviewing integration with our recruiting chatbot, Digital Assistant, that enables candidates to move from application to screening, all in one sitting. Plus, our AI job matching is now available in four additional languages—Spanish, German, French, and Italian—so you can extend your high-quality candidate experience globally. These new capabilities, along with the existing top-of-the-funnel solutions, keep job seekers feeling in control of their search. 

Click here for a glossary of terms including the definition of a recruiting chatbot. 

Here are some ways these enhancements can help you meet—and possibly exceed—your recruiting goals: 

Recruiting chatbots can contribute to increases in qualified, engaged applicants 


Whether you’re struggling to get applications for hard-to-fill roles or you’re getting way too many unqualified applicants and have to sift through a lot of noise, a candidate-led, top-of-the-funnel experience can improve the quality of your pipeline. With AI job matching, candidates can upload their resumes and discover jobs that best fit their skills and experience. Since job seekers will surface roles that match their job history best, the process will help you reduce the number of unqualified folks applying. 

Recruiting chatbots can speed the interview process 


Through the Digital Assistant recruiting chatbot, job seekers can record a one-way video interview so you can speed up the screening process—no more delays that come with scheduling via email. (Learn three questions for creating more effective video interviews.) When candidates can quickly find and interview for roles that are a good fit, they’re more likely to have a good impression of your employer brand – and recruiters can benefit from the faster process. 

Recruiting chatbots can handle back-and-forth communications on logistics and FAQs to save recruiters’ time  


Talent acquisition teams have enough on their plate, trying to keep top talent engaged and to improve conversion rates throughout the interview cycle. Answering common questions from applicants and manually moving people to the screening stage can take away from that precious time. iCIMS Digital Assistant uses conversational AI to answer preset FAQs about your roles and workplace. If candidates determine they’re a fit, the video interviews integration allows the Digital Assistant recruiting chatbot to send a personalized link to go to the next step—without recruiter interaction. No more dead-end email exchanges that take away from closing a candidate. 

A recruiting chatbot can improve your employer brand perception  


Empowering job seekers to move their application process forward reduces those feelings of frustration applicants often get during the job search. That sets you up as the organization that eases candidates’ pain points, improving your brand perception and positioning your organization as an employer of choice. Candidates can enjoy a streamlined, frictionless application and screening process—all on the dedicated career site or on their mobile device.  


By providing convenience, control, and simplicity in the job search, it’s possible to convert more candidates more quickly. Learn how to build a better job seeker experience with our Definitive Guide to Creating a Recruiting Chatbot. 


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Build a better job seeker experience with a recruiting chatbot and conversational AI

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