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Do I really need a virtual recruiting chatbot?

If you want to know what a modern job seeker expects from your career site, consider your own experience. If you’re searching a website and you can’t find what you’re looking for, or don’t have time to sift through the lengthy FAQS, you might do as I do and opt for the chatbot. 

You can usually find the handy little chatbot at the bottom right corner of the screen or in the chat option on the contact us page. I know that if I ask a question in the chatbot I’m likely to get an instant, relevant answer. Job seekers expect a similar experience on your career site. 

Job seekers (like most web users) expect a seamless, easy-to-navigate experience as soon as they land on your career site.  Even if your career site is easy to use, having a virtual recruiting chatbot (also known as a digital assistant) gives candidates a way to ask questions and quickly get answers.  

They might want to know what jobs are open within a certain distance of their location or what jobs you’re currently hiring for in their ideal department. Or perhaps, they have general questions about benefits and company culture they’d like answered – without having to do too much digging. 

A virtual recruiting chatbot can answer those types of questions and more, providing a better experience for candidates, while freeing up recruiters’ time. Newer functionality now available within iCIMS Digital Assistant for career sites allows job seekers to upload their resume directly into the AI-powered chatbot from their desktop or mobile device. The chatbot parses the candidates prior jobs, skills, and more to match them to suggested jobs.  



The convenience of having a recruiting chatbot on your career site goes beyond its ability to instantly respond to FAQs 24/7 and automate the job matching experience with resume upload. You can also use it to share employee-generated video testimonials, capture contact information that syncs with iCIMS Applicant Tracking, screen candidates, allow qualified candidates to schedule a video interview in minutes, and more!  

This kind of functionality on your career site not only improves the candidate experience, but helps expand your reach, automate communication, simplify the job search experience, and speed up time-to-hire. 

All-in-all, having an AI-powered chatbot on your career site helps leave a good first impression by giving candidates the type of experience they want and need to feel confident in your company before hitting apply. 

Interested in learning more about iCIMS Digital Assistant or upgrading your current career site? Contact us today! 

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