The Business Impact of Dedicated Talent Acquisition Software

Identify and attract top talent, faster
Companies that use dedicated recruitment solutions are 4 times more likely to be satisfied with their provider.1

Best-in-class organizations know that when it comes to hiring the right people, they need to be strategic in every aspect of the recruitment lifecycle. The competitive pressure to recruit and retain top talent for organizational success has created a barrage of innovative new solutions, including more than 21,000 HR and recruiting software products worldwide.2 The war for talent has many enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers offering bundled applicant tracking tools within their systems, but unfortunately, these systems often fall short in their features and functionality.

The solution? Aptitude Research Partners found that when it comes to recruitment, more companies value having a dedicated, or best-of-breed, talent platform to streamline every step of the recruitment lifecycle over that of a transactional provider’s, as stated in their recent report.

To keep up with evolving recruitment trends, candidate behaviors, and everyday hiring challenges, it’s simply not enough to use the recruitment tools tacked on to an ERP. Organizations that value recruitment know best-of-breed solutions provide better integrations, experience, and functionality than those bundled in an ERP.

Aptitude Research’s report, The Business Impact of Best-of-Breed in Talent Acquisition, leverages relevant data to evaluate the current talent acquisition technology landscape, the value of best-of-breed solutions, and the importance of ERP and best-of-breed providers working together.

Download the report to discover how companies that invest in a best-of-breed provider...
  • Reduce key hiring metrics, like time-to-fill and turnover rates
  • Create an easy-to-use, consistent candidate experience from start to finish
  • Leverage seamless integrations to support large volumes of hiring data across systems
  • Benefit from a partner that’s solely focused on talent acquisition — and nothing else

1 Aptitude Research Partners, The Business Impact of Best-of-Breed in Talent Acquisition, 2017

2 Bersin by Deloitte, A Look Ahead at Talent Acquisition, 2016

"We’ve chosen a best-of-breed provider to handle our recruitment needs because we are a center of excellence, which essentially means that everything we do, how we do it, all those processes, must be the best of the best. There is a best practices approach to our business, so it is essential that we have a product that is the best-of-breed, best-in-class as well."

— DK Bartley, VP of Talent, Dentsu Aegis

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