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Less friction and more connection. That's what drives our partnership with Ceridian and the HCM Dayforce solution. HR and talent teams that love Dayforce want the power of a dedicated recruiting platform, but they don't want to hop back and forth between apps all day long. Our connection means better productivity, smarter data usage, and happier hiring teams.

Centralize your HR ecosystem, synchronize data and analytics, and gain maximum flexibility over your technology solutions with an integration between iCIMS and Ceridian Dayforce.



Integration Overview: A Seamless Connection

Connecting iCIMS with Ceridian Dayforce keeps new hire and employee data flowing between your systems.


We Helped This Ceridian Customer Beat the Driver Shortage Crisis

Lynden, a transportation company that employs 3,000, once had to turn down business for lack of drivers. With iCIMS, their applicant pool shot up 97 percent and driver turnover plummeted.


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Leverage a winning combination of best-in-class platforms for HCM and cloud recruiting.

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The Lynden recruiting team created a mobile-first candidate experience with iCIMS, and then implemented a seamless integration to Ceridian Dayforce to move data to their post-hire systems without any interruption. The result? Driver turnover rates 60% below industry average.

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