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Peet's Coffee

How a leading coffee chain streamlined its job offer process to hire coffee fans quickly

From roast to brew, Peet’s believes one of the secrets to great coffee is the people behind it. But acquiring coffee fanatics is easier said than done: each year, Peet’s hires between 3,000 and 5,000 people to support all stages of the coffee-making process.

With roles to fill in coffee shops, roasting plants, and distribution centers across the U.S. and China, Peet’s Coffee needed a way to get job offers out the door quickly while complying with a complex web of local, state, and national regulations.

Peet’s customers—called Peetniks—don’t just go to Peet’s for the coffee; they go for the experience. That experience extends into the digital world, where customers have the option of ordering ahead via a mobile app that’s slick and easy to use.

That level of sophistication and convenience was missing from Peet’s offer letter process. Before partnering with iCIMS, Peet’s relied on a completely manual process utilizing Word documents and emails. Without a single repository for offer details, recruiters logged into multiple systems to search for the correct terms and notes relaying what was agreed upon and when.

In 2016, Peet’s began a partnership with iCIMS to deliver a great candidate experience and make it easier for its recruiters to hire without getting bogged down in manual paperwork and file hunting. The company also created highly configurable workflows suited to each of its business units and improved efficiency by automating parts of the hiring process.

2 days

From first offer to acceptance, down from 4 days

1 day

From acceptance to background check, down from 4 days

3.5 days

Faster to approve offer letters

“iCIMS took multiple tasks and condensed them into one workflow. We’re able to put together offer details, choose a template, modify the letter, put in for approvals, and send it for acceptance. Everything is archived, and we know we’re staying compliant.”

Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition, Peet's Coffee

With iCIMS, Peet's can:

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Improve its job offer process to bring candidates in the door faster

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Integrate recruiting solutions with the iCIMS Talent Cloud, including solutions for tax credits, background screening, and skills assessments

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Run reports across decentralized hiring teams

We’ve taken key processes in HR operations and automated them through iCIMS. We place a high value on automation, integrations, syncing data – and doing it securely.

Senior Manager of HR Systems, Peet's Coffee

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