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Top 5 AI recruiting software capabilities to drive business value

July 19, 2022
iCIMS Staff
6 min read

A quick search for artificial intelligence capabilities available in the market can lead you down a rabbit hole. What features does your business need? Are certain aspects of AI more valuable than others? Is the implementation of AI-enabled technologies practical for your organization? 

If you’re in the market for AI recruiting software, a recent analyst report looks to simplify your research process. The Gartner Artificial Intelligence Use-Case Prism for HCM Technology can help you narrow down your options and prioritize.  

In this report, analysts compare more than 22 AI features, illustrate where they lie in the talent lifecycle, and determine how high or low they rank for business value and feasibility. 

You’ll find that not all AI capabilities are created equal, nor are they critical for your business needs. For example, some of the most influential AI looks at data across a talent platform and applies intelligence back within the workflow. But beware of siloed AI toolsets that only share a part of the picture!  

Of the 22 AI features compared in Gartner’s report, here are the five key AI capabilities that deliver both high business value and feasibility.  


  1. Recruitment virtual assistant

Starting at the beginning of the talent lifecycle, a recruitment virtual assistant like iCIMS Digital Assistant leverages natural language processing to interpret submissions entered by candidates via chat.  

By automating communication, some virtual assistants are available 24/7 and only require human intervention for escalations. This wide availability allows candidates to get answers to their questions, answer screening prompts, and schedule interviews during and after regular business hours.  

Gartner ranks recruitment virtual assistants highly for business operational efficiency and employer brand. Speedy service, friendly communication, and timely convenience are a few key benefits noted.  

This capability also ranks highly for organizational feasibility and external feasibility. Virtual assistant platforms can connect with an organization’s applicant tracking software (ATS) to help talent leaders access information shared by the candidate and log stages in the hiring process. Externally, candidates can easily access virtual assistants like iCIMS Digital Assistant on career sites, social media platforms, and other channels.  


  1. Internal talent marketplace

Gartner’s AI use-case prism ranks internal talent marketplaces highly for employee engagement, operational efficiency, and organizational health.  

Within iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace (OMP), talent can easily search for open roles and understand areas they need to improve to get their next position. This platform also gives HR visibility into the skills talent has within their organization and who is most interested in internal mobility opportunities.  

Reducing employee churn is one of the most valuable points of an internal talent marketplace. With a platform like iCIMS OMP, leaders can widen talent pools to fill roles while also getting more value from their ATS and candidate relationship management (CRM) platforms.  


  1. Candidate ranking

AI-powered candidate ranking helps recruiters easily view top candidates in their queue and avoid manual data manipulation. Not only is candidate ranking listed in Gartner’s AI use-case prism, but analysts highly rank this AI capability for operational efficiency and employer brand/EVP.  

One example of candidate classification is illustrated in iCIMS ATS. The Leaderboard feature helps users organize relevant and highly qualified profiles. The iCIMS Talent Cloud platform helps reduce hiring bias by redacting names and assigning numbers to profiles. These factors help recruiters with hiring selection and assist with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts for ethical hiring practices.   


  1. Ontology-based skills management/skills graph

Ontology-based skills management helps users understand the relationship and groupings of specific skills. Gartner’s AI use-case prism identifies that ontology-based skills management ranks highly for operational efficiency and organizational health. 

Within iCIMS ATS is Talent Match, a feature that helps recruiters surface candidates with similar skills and experiences to an existing employee. Another area, Skills Overlap, shows the critical skills the candidate and employee have in common 

Screenshot of iCIMS platform highlighting Talent Match

AI capabilities like these help save time for recruiters looking through candidate profiles and can uncover highly qualified candidates that may have been missed due to misaligned terminology.  


  1. Job fit score

Job fit score ranks highly for operational efficiency and organizational health within Gartner’s AI use-case prism.  

Job fit score can be a type of explainability, an essential concept that gives context to an AI calculation. Within the iCIMS Talent Cloud, the job fit score depicts the experience match, skills match, and tier of the matched candidate. Bar charts visualize the results and can help recruiters save time viewing multiple profiles.  


Gartner’s AI Use-Case Prism makes it easy to understand the wide breadth of capabilities within AI recruiting software. These top 5 capabilities deliver maximum business value, are available across the talent acquisition and mobility lifecycle, grant internal and external feasibility, and apply intelligence back to the workflow.  

If your organization is looking to invest in AI, the iCIMS Talent Cloud platform, built with rich, explainable AI, can help you to reduce bias and accelerate hiring and mobility practices.  

Learn more about which AI recruiting software is worth the investment. Go to the Gartner infographic here. 

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