Scaling Recruitment: How Isagenix Increased Its Applications 2000% in Just Two Years

Rapid growth makes keeping up with headcount and business demands challenging for Isagenix International, a health and wellness company that offers nutrition and lifestyle solutions.

Isagenix implementation manager and senior corporate recruiter, Luke Haden, describes the organization’s recruitment overhaul, highlighting how his three-person team drove efficiency by breaking information silos, improving compliance and automation.

Luke and iCIMS chief customer officer, Adam Feigenbaum, will share the full Isagenix recruiting story at  Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Conference on February 21, 2019 in Las Vegas.

What are some of the biggest recruiting challenges organizations – of any size – are facing today?

Luke Haden: Recruiting has become extremely challenging. Like many other companies, Isagenix is in a very saturated job market and we are competing with large, well-known brands for talent. And, to appeal to these job seekers we often must make our opportunities more lucrative. On top of this, a lot of HR and talent acquisition teams are asking to do more with less. Isagenix operates with a very lean team of only three recruiters – myself included – to hire for all corporate positions from sales and marketing to scientists and IT professionals.

How has Isagenix overcome some of these challenges?

LH: Isagenix strives to create an exceptional workplace. Every interaction a candidate or employee has with our company is an opportunity to create a great experience, so we’ve taken steps from bettering our online job search and application process, to developing engaging culture initiatives to offering competitive pay and benefits. Our employer brand has been recognized by various local and industry organizations, helping us to stand out among neighboring companies in the Phoenix area.

With such a lean team, it is critical for us to operate efficiently. Manual processes are culture killers – no one wants to spend 70 percent of their time on reactive emails. Over the last few years I’ve focused on improving our recruiting and hiring processes through automation. Our team was previously so bogged down with administrative tasks that we were hard-pressed for recruiting time – the function we should have been focusing on.

We needed to make a change and bring in a system that could help Isagenix continue to grow and scale. And, after only two years with iCIMS we’ve been able to increase our resume database by tens of thousands. 

How would you recommend approaching a change in recruiting technology?

LH: Technology alone is not the answer. You need to have a clear view of your systems and processes. The first thing you MUST do is map your processes, I can’t stress this enough. Once you are able to see all of your workflows, you’ll be able to identify your pain points and work to fix them – whether that’s through implementing a new ATS, automating a process or adding an integration to your current system. I’ll be sharing a lot more on this and how you can get your business leaders on board in a few weeks at the Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech conference.

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