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Recruiting is Complex: 5 Tools You’ll Need to Make It Easier

March 28, 2018

Recruiting can be a process filled with fear and pressure – but facing it head-on, can alleviate your pain points. If you’re suffering from a system that fails to prioritize the candidate experience or a lagging recruitment process that doesn’t allow your organization to stay competitive within your space, it’s time to take action to fix what’s broken.

Equipping your team with recruitment-focused acquisition software will showcase your strong employer brand, streamline your team’s workflow and solve your complex hiring needs to drive your business forward.

Here are the top five tools you’ll need to improve that broken recruitment process while focusing more of your attention on those consumer-minded candidates.

Tool #1: Branded Career Portals

Create a positive candidate experience throughout the entire talent lifecycle to attract culture fits who are passionate about your organization. From the moment a job seeker stumbles on your career site to the day they complete their onboarding software tasks, showcase your employment brand every step of the way. With iCIMS mobile-optimized career portals your organization can:

  • Generate more referrals
  • Expand your talent pools
  • Improve the candidate experience

Take the first step to promote your employer brand today because without a stellar career site that exudes your company culture, passive and active job seekers will drop like flies.

Tool #2: Candidate Engagement Platform

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials have now surpassed Generation X to become the largest generation in the American workforce. That said, it’s clear that consumer-minded candidates are in the driver’s seat so failing to offer a modernized candidate experience that continues to grow with your candidates will impact your bottom line and place your business at risk.

TextRecruit, an iCIMS company, offers an impeccable experience for job seekers – allowing candidates apply for jobs through text messaging and the opportunity to live chat with a recruiter. With TextRecruit easily integrated into your iCIMS Talent Platform you can:

  • Offer a mobile-optimized application for on-the-go job seekers
  • Automate text messages for high-volume communications
  • Craft personal messages to build relationships

It goes without saying, technology is a driver of change in recruiting millennials and since today’s job seekers are using mobile to search and apply for jobs, having a mobile-optimized applicant tracking system is not enough.

Tool #3: Robust Candidate Relationship Management Tool

Invest in your candidate pipeline to keep qualified employees at your fingertips. To engage the millions of passive candidates that are up for grabs, your organization needs to implement a candidate relationship management (CRM) tool to build strong relationships through automated recruitment marketing efforts. With a CRM tool your team can:

  • Create talent pools that align with your recruiting processes
  • Funnel future applicants into talent pools through various channels – ex: website and events
  • Streamline your sourcing and recruiting efforts

With the right tool, converting passive candidates to productive new hires will be a piece of cake – allowing you to cultivate a talent pipeline within your candidate relationship management system today to tap into tomorrow.

Tool #4: Built-In Event Management Solution

With today’s technological advancements evolving the hiring landscape, recruiters are using outdated tactics and strategies which consequently causes a lag in their hiring process. If your recruiting event technology does not have reporting and candidate tracking capabilities, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Wondering where to start? It’s easy, ditch the pen and paper and use iCIMS’ event management system to save your organization time and energy by streamlining event hiring tasks that will enable your team to:

  • Easily advertise and promote events
  • Enable pre-registration through a branded portal
  • Gain insight into event success with robust reporting

Make the most out of your recruiting events and don’t miss out on your opportunity to expand your talent pools to win the war for talent.

Tool #5: Cutting-Edge Integration Technologies

Jumping in and out of multiple HR solutions can slow down productivity and jeopardize your data quality – causing compliance issues that can lead to unwanted fines. That said, it’s time to centralize your HR tools under one roof to fill jobs faster. Here’s how iCIMS UNIFi can help:

  • Integrate your disparate systems into a single platform of record and provide a safeguard for compliance
  • Populate information between iCIMS and a third-party, homegrown or custom-built solution
  • Eliminate costly errors and improve employee productivity with automated data transfers

In the ever-changing world of recruitment, one thing should stay the same – your focus on the consumer-minded candidate to drive business results. With a dedicated recruitment talent platform, tackle your organization’s complex hiring needs to hire smarter, faster.




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