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Let’s Recalibrate The Meaning of Teamwork

August 19, 2020
iCIMS Staff
3 min read

2020 has taught us that strong, collaborative teams are built on a foundation of open communication, work flexibility, and shared values, rather than a physical office, a rigid 9-to-5 schedule, and countless disparate communication channels.

So why have we been trying to fit our desired vision of teamwork into a legacy  mold that no longer serves us? Now is the time to take a fresh look at what teamwork should be.

The opportunity to reimagine teamwork, accelerated by the pandemic, allowed us to jump years ahead in the transformation of the workplace. IT leaders have felt this the most, as many have reprioritized digital transformation initiatives to ensure that remote teams could stay connected. One strong indicator: The demand for Microsoft Teams skyrocketed this year, with Microsoft recently reporting that they reached 200 million participants in a single day. 

Digital transformation is enabling us to stay connected with each other even though we no longer share physical office spaces. The companies that are advancing most successfully through the challenges brought on by the pandemic are the ones that are leveraging technology to empower their employees to better communicate and collaborate in a digital environment. iCIMS and Microsoft are leading the way in reimagining what effective teamwork looks like in our digital future.

Partners of Choice

Microsoft Teams has quickly become the de-facto communication tool for many leading organizations, and the innovation in this area continues to grow. The tech leader recently announced they will be bolstering the Teams experience by enabling third-party providers to integrate their solutions into live video meetings for the first time.

iCIMS is proud to be the first talent acquisition provider to partner with Microsoft as they expand their integration capabilities into live meetings and beyond. Together, we’re re-designing how remote recruiting gets done, a vision that starts with a seamless connection between iCIMS, the leading HR cloud recruiting platform, and Microsoft Teams. Later this year, we’ll launch an integration into Teams that gives recruiters, hiring managers, and teams the ability to provide interview feedback during or after live video meetings, directly within Teams. For the first time, everyone involved in the hiring process will be able to provide feedback in the tool they use to communicate every day.

And that’s just the beginning. Through our proprietary iCIMS iNSIGHTS data, we see that employers are getting hit with more applications than ever. So as recruiting teams are tasked with doing more with less, they need to streamline communication to make quick, strategic decisions. Thanks to our strong partnership with Microsoft and a mutual commitment to innovation, the possibilities for optimizing collaboration and efficiency are endless. From using Microsoft Teams to source referrals that are automatically sent into the iCIMS platform, to allowing hiring managers to approve requisitions directly within Teams, we’re working closely with Microsoft and our customers to determine our next innovation.

We are proud to be the only talent acquisition provider chosen by Microsoft to help bring this enhanced Teams experience to life. We believe that strong teams are made of strong partnerships, and Microsoft has continued to be a great partner – first as an iCIMS customer, then with iCIMS joining the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, and now this exciting opportunity to collaborate with Teams.

Better Together

iCIMS and Microsoft share the same values, including the passion to offer customers the best tools for work flexibility and inclusive communication. To create a workplace where each person, despite their location or place on the organization chart, has the tools and encouragement they need to be their best.

This new endeavor with Microsoft Teams is the first step of how we achieve that new future of work. Leaders are working tirelessly to rebuild their workforce. With Microsoft, we can help support more inclusive, collaborative teams. When we take the opportunity to recalibrate and redefine the meaning of teamwork, we can build a solid foundation for a better tomorrow.

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