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Internal recruiting template kit: Email, text, and video prompts

May 13, 2022
iCIMS Staff
11 min read

To influence the success of your internal mobility program, you need a plan to connect with your employees and drive program adoption. In this kit, you’ll find email, text, and video prompt templates to help you proactively communicate with managers and employees before, during, and after launch. 

After you find your favorite internal recruiting templates, align them with the pre-built workflows in our workbook, 5 Essential Moments to Promote Internal Mobility. 


Launch your internal marketplace

This series of emails helps you communicate the launch of your internal marketplace to both employees and managers.  

Email templates for employees 

Pre-launch program introduction

Hello [First name],

We appreciate the unique contributions and skills you bring to [company name]. Day in and day out you show up to make us who we are. In return, it’s important to us to share our commitment to you!

That’s why we’re launching an internal mobility program; to inspire and connect you to the next stage of your career journey. This program will help you identify your skills and career aspirations while giving our leadership teams a more effective way to work with you to build your career path with [company name].

[Insert video clip from CEO or CHRO that communicates the importance of internal mobility and the company’s commitment to employees]

Look out for more communication from your manager over the next few weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact [email].

[Sender’s name]


Pre-launch internal career site introduction

Hello [First name],

[Company name] is excited to announce an enhanced internal career site! As part of our internal mobility program, these improvements will help you easily search and apply for internal career opportunities.  Once you’ve gained access to the internal marketplace, get started by:

    1. [step 1]
    2. [step 2]
    3. [step 3]

Want to learn more about internal advancement? Check out  these videos [insert link to videos] from your peers and why they made the move.

If you have any questions, the Talent Acquisition team is here to support you. Please send them an email at [internal TA email].

Thank you for your support!

[Sender’s name]


Launch announcement email

Hi [First name],

Welcome to your next opportunity! 

We’re thrilled to launch the [name of internal marketplace] – a place for you to track your skills, match to open roles within [company name], and drive your career growth. You can learn more about our internal mobility policy by reading it here. 

Hear from [CEO/CHRO] on why your future is important: [insert video clip]

Log into the internal marketplace to get started:

    1. Build your employee skills profile
    2. View open roles in our enhanced career site
    3. Talk to your manager about your career goals

[Sender’s name]

PS – We’re here for you. Chat with our digital assistant on the internal marketplace or email [TA email] to schedule one-on-one time to discuss your career.  

Email templates for managers 

Pre-launch manager education and training

Hi [First name],

We’re excited to announce that [Company name] is launching a new internal mobility program designed to retain and inspire our employees – including you. This commitment will help build a more engaging employee experience that supports personal growth, identifies career aspirations, and embraces mobility.

As we approach the launch date of [insert date], we’ll provide training and tools to help you enrich conversations with your employees around their career journey at [organization]. In the meantime, please review our internal mobility policy here to learn about eligibility requirements, processes, probation periods, and more.

Why is internal mobility important?

It helps us:

    • Engage and retain our employees
    • Remain agile and fill open positions faster
    • Build a culture of mobility [or other employer value proposition]

What kind of training will I receive?

The Talent Acquisition team will reach out in the next few weeks to walk you through the hiring manager and employee experiences in our internal marketplace​.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your contact:

    • [Team 1 email]
    • [Team 2 email​]

Thank you,

[Sender’s name]


Post-launch reminder to login

Hi [First name],

The [company name] internal marketplace is live!

Now you can get a quick snapshot of your team’s skills and career aspirations. Use this information to help you improve communication during 1:1s, encourage internal career growth, and proactively discuss skill development.

Log in here to access the internal marketplace.

[Sender’s name]


Engage employees at key moments

Career development is on every employee’s mind. They want to know that your commitment to mobility is for the long-haul, not just a temporary solution to combat high turnover. To show your dedication to their growth, use these text and email templates to promote internal mobility during key moments.   

Text templates  

  • New employee: 30 days after onboarding 
    You’ve been at [company name] for 30 days! We’re so glad to have you on the team. Don’t forget to build your skills profile. This will be your starting point as you grow your career with [company name].  [link to internal marketplace]
  • New employee: Skills profile reminder
    Hi [First name], don’t forget to complete your skills profile! This will help you match to future open roles.  [link to internal marketplace] 
  • Anniversary: Appreciation message
    Happy anniversary! We appreciate all that you bring to [company name] each and every day. [link to video message from hiring manager or department leader
  • Anniversary: Internal mobility message
    Happy anniversary! Thinking about the next stage of your career? Visit the internal marketplace to uncover potential opportunities. [link to internal marketplace]
  • Performance review: Option 1 
    Hi [First name], thinking about your career growth at [company name]? So are we – check out open roles that match your unique strengths and skills. [link to internal marketplace]
  • Performance review: Option 2
    Hi [First name], I’m an employee experience assistant for our HR team at [company name]. I’m reaching out to see if you’d like to schedule some time to discuss your career growth. You can also review pre-matched opportunities in the internal marketplace. Let me know if you’d like to chat! [link to internal marketplace]
  • Open role: Option 1
    Hi [First name]! It’s [Talent team member name] at [company name]. You’ve matched to [ open position] and I’d love to meet to discuss how your skills would make a big impact on the team. Click here to learn more or let me know if you have some time to talk. [link to internal marketplace]
  • Open role: Option 2
    [First name]: You’re a fit for an open role at [company name]. Click here to learn more: [link to internal marketplace] 

Email templates  

Passive employee outreach: Mobility reminder  

Hi [First name],

Are you ready to explore your career journey? Hear how one of your colleagues transitioned to an exciting new role: [insert employee mobility success video]

The [company name] talent team is here to help you get there!  We have the tools to help you build your skills profile, match your unique strengths to open roles, and start a discussion around your career aspirations. 

Please let me know a good time to meet! 


[Sender’s name]

P.S.- If now isn’t a good time, you can always visit our internal career site when you’re ready.

Passive employee outreach: You’ve been matched  

Hi [First name],

You’ve been matched to an open role!  

Based on your skills and development, we thought you’d be a great match for this position: [insert job title and department]. 

If you’d like to explore this opportunity, click here to contact your talent coach [insert mailto: link]. They can answer questions, provide interview tips, and discuss the transition process. 


[Sender’s name]


Highlight mobility success stories

Share mobility success stories to inspire employees to search for their next career internally.  

Internal employee promotion announcement email  

  • Please join me in congratulating [employee name] on her promotion to [job title]! 
  • [Employee] started her career at [company name] in [year] as a [job title]. Since then, she has [insert short career history and accomplishments]. Most recently, [employee name] has [key responsibilities and accomplishments]. Now, she will use her knowledge and experience to [future growth plan/responsibilities]. 
  • The [department] is thrilled to have [employee] on board starting [date of transition]. Please join me in applauding [employee name] and wishing her all the best in her new role.  
  • [Employee name], we look forward to your continued success as you take the next step in your career!  

Prompts for employee video testimonials  

4 questions to share growth stories 

  1. How does [company] enable you to grow your career?  
  2. Describe a day in the life 
  3. Tell us about your career path at [company]  
  4. Describe a learning and development program that helped you grow your career.  

5 questions to inspire and inform employees 

  1. Give 5 tips to prepare for an interview with [department/role] 
  2. You made a bold career change at [company name]. How did you make it happen? What gave you the courage? 
  3. What is your favorite benefit or perk of working on the [team name] team?  
  4. What skills/traits make someone successful on your team?  
  5. How do you show up for your team?  


Put your mobility strategy into action

These templates provide hiring teams with a tactical way to turn your internal mobility strategy into action. Implementing them is a good start and can show employees that their career development is a top priority for the organization.  

After you find your favorite internal recruiting templates, take your strategy to the next level. Use our workbook, 5 Essential Moments to Promote Internal Mobility, to align your favorite templates to key moments of the employee experience.  

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