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How to use iCIMS Talent Cloud for the entire talent acquisition lifecycle

February 25, 2021
iCIMS Staff
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The talent acquisition process has evolved partly to meet the growing need for specialized roles and partly due to candidates’ experiences and expectations.

Today’s job seekers are much more connected than their predecessors. They prefer to communicate with recruiters and hiring managers over the channels they use most, such as SMS and email. They’re perfectly willing to switch to another opportunity if they feel that the candidate experience is lacking.

To be successful in the talent acquisition market, recruiters need an innovative set of solutions that provide end-to-end support for the entire candidate lifecycle. This means going beyond a CRM and an ATS to include other features that attract, engage, hire, and advance talent.

The iCIMS Talent Cloud

iCIMS has long been a leader in the talent acquisition and management space. Now, iCIMS can provide recruiters and businesses of all sizes with a full suite of tools to manage the entire talent lifecycle, including acquisition, hiring, and career advancement.

The iCIMS talent acquisition software includes all the features and capabilities you need to find and attract the best talent. Here are some must-have tools available in the iCIMS Talent Cloud and how they work together to build a successful candidate experience.

Attract talent

Marketing open positions can be a challenge. But attracting great talent isn’t just about marketing—it’s also about building an incredible candidate experience.

With the iCIMS Talent Cloud, you can create compelling experiences on the platforms today’s candidates use the most.

iCIMS Career Sites

Career sites allow you to show off your company’s culture and promote your brand. Our software helps you customize your career sites quickly and easily with modern styles and user-friendly features.

Incorporate employee-generated testimonial videos to showcase your company culture and benefits. Publish relevant content and make your job offerings more accessible with mobile-friendly viewing.

Recruitment marketing reporting

Optimize your marketing spend with iCIMS’ robust recruitment analytics tools. Leverage our analytics to find the best sources of talent and measure the ROI of your efforts.

iCIMS Candidate Relationship Management

Candidate relationship management (CRM) is easy with iCIMS. With our tools, you can deliver personalized experiences based on candidate data. Communicate with candidates on the platforms they prefer, such as email and text message.

“Single-click” applications

If you want to encourage more applications, make the application process as easy as possible. Enable “single click” applications through email, SMS, and your career sites.

Jobs SEO optimization

Today, most job searches start on Google or another search engine. With iCIMS’ powerful SEO tools, you can optimize your job listings based on relevant keywords and search terms, improving your ability to reach qualified candidates.

Engage talent

Once you’ve attracted potential candidates to your job listings, you need a robust set of tools to engage with them and keep them interested.

With iCIMS Talent Cloud, you can create various personalized, tech-driven experiences to meet candidates on their terms.

Robust talent pools

Just because a candidate isn’t right for one position doesn’t mean they won’t be a perfect fit when a new one opens up. The Talent Cloud helps you develop robust talent pools where you can engage candidates when relevant opportunities arise.

Keep the most qualified candidates in your pipeline and engage with them continually using automation and personalization.

Virtual career fairs

Distance is no longer an obstacle in the hiring process. Use iCIMS’ solutions to launch virtual career fairs that encourage participation and exploration. Whether you’re trying to cut costs or create an engaging experience for candidates across the globe, iCIMS virtual career fairs expand your reach.

Automated text and email campaigns

Manually sending responses, marketing materials, and content to candidates is time-consuming and costly. You can solve this problem by creating targeted, automated text and email campaigns through the iCIMS Talent Cloud.

These campaigns don’t just reduce candidate engagement costs. They also encourage talented people to apply faster.

Engagement analytics

Use iCIMS’ marketing reporting features to analyze the success of your engagement initiatives. Use insights gained from this resource to improve ROI and reach new levels of efficiency.

Hire talent

The hiring process begins once candidates have been vetted. The iCIMS Talent Cloud helps you select the perfect candidates for your open positions and simplify how you build your teams.

Harness powerful talent management and onboarding tools while creating a unique and efficient hiring experience.

iCIMS Applicant Tracking

The iCIMS Talent Cloud includes a highly configurable applicant tracking system (ATS) that enables you to consolidate candidate feedback and fully manage the candidate experience. The ATS is easy for every stakeholder to use, and it includes features like mobile communication.

Video interviewing and language assessment

Video interviews are becoming more commonplace, which is why you can now integrate iCIMS Video Interviewing software and talent language assessments into your hiring process. These features are available in your ATS, where you manage your candidate experience. You can even incorporate third-party tools like background screening tools.

iCIMS Offer Management

Automated offer templates help you save time and money. Create digitized offer letters and get them into the hands of potential hires quickly. You’ll be able to maintain brand cohesion across your entire candidate ecosystem and empower candidates to review and accept offers online.

iCIMS Onboarding

The onboarding process can be one of the most challenging aspects of the candidate experience, but the iCIMS’ candidate relationship management (CRM) platform simplifies the process for everyone involved. Effortlessly track new hires’ progress in their onboarding activities and use automated features to maintain compliance and speed up cumbersome activities like signing forms.

Advance talent

One of the most critical aspects of the candidate experience comes after the initial hire. Advancing candidates internally is one of the best ways to encourage growth at the organization.

The iCIMS Talent Cloud helps you take a candidate-centric approach to talent advancement, allowing you to identify individuals with the most potential across your organization. You’ll also improve tenure at your organization by providing more opportunities than other employers. This reduces the need for onboarding, thereby cutting costs and improving long-term productivity.

Internal career sites

The career sites you use to attract external candidates can be used internally to engage prospective candidates from your current employee base. Help employees see the roles they’re best suited for and empower them to apply with the click of a button.

iCIMS Text Engagement

Build personalized connections with your employees through text engagement. Contact them on their preferred medium to shorten time-to-hire. You can even integrate your text engagement campaigns with your CRM.

AI-powered chatbots and recommendation engine

Give your current employees an easy way to get the latest on new positions they might qualify for. With the iCIMS Talent Cloud, you can leverage an internal AI-powered chatbot to provide employees with recommended opportunities.

Upload employee profiles to the system and the AI will suggest relevant opportunities when they become available.

Project and role recommendations on-demand

Using the suite of robust tools provided by the iCIMS Talent Cloud, you can keep employees informed about open positions based on specific projects and roles.

Market positions internally the same way you would market to talent externally to create a unified candidate experience. You can even provide recommendations to your employees on-demand via email, text, and career websites.

See the iCIMS Talent Cloud in action

You no longer need to connect disparate solutions to manage the entire talent lifecycle. The iCIMS Talent Cloud has all the features you need to attract great talent, engage candidates, onboard team members effectively, and provide great opportunities to your most qualified employees.

Sign up for a free demonstration and see the iCIMS Talent Cloud in action for yourself.


Learn how iCIMS can help you drive ROI

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