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High volume hiring: 10 tips to stay ahead of the seasonal rush

Picture this: You’re a recruiter for a large retail company and your busiest hiring season is right around the corner. Instead of filling your normal quota, your team is asked to fill hundreds or thousands of positions with top candidates, and you need to do it quickly. 

Is your heart beating faster already? 

High-volume hiring is a practice many recruiting teams are familiar with. Whether you work in retail, transportation, or hospitality, the process can be overwhelming without creative ways to attract and engage talent at scale.  

So how can you improve your high-volume hiring strategy? Below are ten ways to do just that.

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10 high-volume hiring tactics to beat the seasonal hiring rush

  1. Build a pipeline of qualified talent. Spend time on your most engaged talent by scoring candidates’ interest when they interact with your recruitment marketing campaigns.  
  2. Reach out to past employees. Invite past seasonal workers to come back and keep them engaged with email and text throughout the year.  
  3. Offer digital applications in-store. Use storefronts to advertise job openings and capitalize on interest in the moment. Have job seekers text a unique code to easily start their application. 
  4. Think outside the resume box. Consider TikTok resumes, Snapchat applications and LinkedIn Apply to capture job seekers in creative, low-stress ways.  
  5. Compete with better benefits. Hourly workers often experience long hours, understaffed stores, and challenging customers. Use your career site and job descriptions to show candidates how you balance stressful working conditions with competitive benefits.  
  6. Support recruiting team efficiency. Vet candidates with an ATS designed to handle high volumes of applicants. Recruiters benefit from automated workflows, AI-powered resume screening and talent matching.  
  7. Speed up processes with integrations. Integrate your background screening services with your ATS. Recruiters can order, track and complete the screening process in one unified platform.  
  8. Experiment with open hiring. Hire applicants who are willing to show up, get to work and learn skills on the job – no experience needed. Recruiters can then devote more time to filling specialized roles.  
  9. Get new hires up to speed fast. Get new employees settled and started quickly by using a digital onboarding portal to standardize and automate tasks.  
  10. Use analytics to identify bottlenecks in your process, like high candidate screening times or low offer acceptance rates. 

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Talent acquisition solutions that support high-volume seasonal hiring

These ten tactics aren’t enough to get candidates in seat fast. Your recruiting teams also need the right technology to efficiently integrate these tactics into your hiring processes. Look for a talent acquisition solution that brings your most important tools into an all-in-one hiring and mobility platform. Some key features to look for include: 

High-volume hiring demands a strategic, intuitive process. Learn more about how to attract and engage talent at scale with our infographic, 10 Ways to Speed Up Seasonal Hiring.  

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