iCIMS Launches First Phase of its Platform-as-a-Service Framework, UNIFi
Leading recruitment software provider creates the largest partner ecosystem in the talent acquisition market

MATAWAN, N.J. [June 20, 2016] – iCIMS, Inc., a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions, announced today that it has launched the first phase of UNIFi, a Platform-as-a-Service framework that enables developers to integrate third-party applications with the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite, build new applications that work with iCIMS’ recruiting software, and market the products to iCIMS’ customers via an online Marketplace.

“iCIMS has emerged as the category leader by redefining the market for recruiting software – first as a pure-SaaS provider of an applicant tracking system, then by being the first company to recognize that talent acquisition deserves its own suite of software that enables companies to manage candidates through the entire hiring lifecycle,” said Michael Wilczak, SVP of strategy and corporate development for iCIMS. “Now, we are redefining the market again by declaring that talent acquisition deserves its own platform that connects all of a company’s tools and data into a single hiring system of record.” 

The first phase of this launch includes three key elements that provide developers with the tools to build and integrate applications that work with iCIMS and enable customers to buy third-party products that unify their recruiting applications, data, and analytics into a single platform:

·         Suite Architecture – A framework that unifies applications and data into the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite, offering customers a seamless user experience and a single source for actionable insights across the entire hiring process.

·         Connectors – Developers can use the tools provided by iCIMS to create repeatable Connectors that integrate third party apps to the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite. 

·         iCIMS Marketplace – Products developed by third parties can be listed in the iCIMS Marketplace, where iCIMS’ customers can research, find, and select add-on products that work with the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite.

“With the strong integrations already offered through iCIMS, UNIFi will allow us to manage and oversee all of our hiring technologies in one, easy-to-use platform,” said Julie Loubaton, director of talent acquisition at iCIMS customer HD Supply. “iCIMS truly is at the core of our recruiting efforts and we’re excited to see this vision come to life.”

The iCIMS Marketplace was launched earlier this month, with more than 90 partners offering 100+ products. The long-term vision of UNIFi is to accelerate product innovation by enabling outside developers to build apps that work with the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite.

This vision has been recognized by Douglas Melsheimer, managing director at Bulger Partners, who recently wrote about the need for a Platform-as-a-Service model within the talent acquisition industry in his report, The Commoditization of CRM and ATS – Yet Salesforce.com Flourishes. “There is a need for someone within the talent acquisition industry to emerge as the leader, bringing all aspects of talent acquisition into one hub. iCIMS is the first ATS to take the same approach as Salesforce by creating the largest partner ecosystem and working towards a vision of having other companies further build onto that platform,” said Melsheimer.

While iCIMS is just launching its Platform-as-a-Service model, some customers are already taking advantage of the strong Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and building on to the core iCIMS products to configure the system specifically for their unique hiring needs. “iCIMS will foster more innovation in our platform by enabling developers to integrate and build third party apps that work with iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite. UNIFi allows customers of all sizes and industries to connect to the largest ecosystem of HR technologies in one location, providing streamlined access to the technologies and performance data companies need to achieve hiring success,” said Wilczak.

In addition to benefiting iCIMS’ customers, iCIMS’ partners have acknowledged the gap that UNIFi is aiming to fill, noting that this is a new model for user experience within the talent acquisition space. “As the hiring landscape has become so complex, a framework for Platform-as-a-Service within talent acquisition is very encouraging to see,” said Erik Kostelnik, co-founder and CEO of iCIMS partner TextRecruit. “Working with iCIMS has enabled TextRecruit to experience hyper growth and provide tremendous, measurable value to our shared client base. We’re excited that iCIMS is leading the charge with the introduction of UNIFi and we look forward to additional growth of our business.”

About iCIMS

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