Advisor Program – Benefits and Requirements

The below terms regarding Benefits and Requirements are part of the Master Partner Agreement and Advisor Program Addendum (collectively, the “Agreement”) by and between a Partner and iCIMS. In the event of a conflict between these terms and the Agreement, unless otherwise expressly provided, the Agreement will control. All capitalized terms not defined herein have the meaning ascribed to them in the Agreement.


  • Advisor Program Marketing Logos
  • iCIMS UNIFi Listing
  • Partner Relationship Manager
  • Access to the Partner Portal
  • Access to Partner Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Access to Certification path



  • The Program Fee for 2020 is $1,000.00 USD (includes one Certification voucher) (“Program Fee”)
    • Program fees will be automatically invoiced, annually in advance, on the anniversary date of Advisor’s selection of the Advisor Program Addendum on a Partner Election Form. Payments will be due Net 30 days from the date of receipt of the invoice.
    • Additional Certification Vouchers (required per person, per exam) are $200.00 USD each for Program Year (“Certification Fees”).
  • iCIMS UNIFi Listing: At least one (1) person in the Partner organization must have a Certification before the Partner organization may be listed in iCIMS UNIFi as an Advisor.



  • Certification Vouchers: The Program Fee includes one (1) Certification Voucher (inclusive of one re-test, and one recertification voucher). Additional Certification Vouchers are available for purchase for an additional fee.
  • iCIMS provides regular updates (“Releases”) to the Subscription, which may sometimes affect functionality, user interfaces, and other important aspects of the Subscription. Certified Individuals are required to demonstrate their ongoing knowledge of the Subscription by completing smaller tests (“Knowledge Checks”) to ensure that they are up to date on the latest version of the Subscription.
  • To maintain a Certification, a Certified Individual must complete all of the Release Knowledge Checks that are provided in each calendar year during the Term:
    • Certified Individuals have 60 days to complete their Knowledge Checks, from the date that they are released by iCIMS;
    • If Certified Individuals do not complete all Knowledge Checks in the calendar year, they will have to be re-certified. If Partner has only one (1) Certified Individual at their organization, Advisor’s iCIMS UNIFi profile will be removed until that individual is re-certified.
    • Certifications expire three (3) years from the date the original exam is passed.



  • Any Certified Individuals that leave their employment or consultancy with a Partner organization:
    • Must cease from holding themselves out as an Advisor or as being Certified by iCIMS; must promptly remove any iCIMS Materials from their personal and professional profiles; and must immediately cease using any iCIMS Materials;
    • Will not have access to the LMS for Release Knowledge Checks;
    • Will not be able to be re-certified unless they join another Partner organization.

Advisor Program – Benefits And Requirements 21JANUARY2020

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