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We've all seen the headlines. It's time to rethink how you connect to talent.

July 27, 2021
iCIMS Staff
5 min read

It’s everywhere. We’ve all seen it. People are rethinking what where, when, how, and “why” they want to work.   

Some have referred to this as the “Great Resignation.” A recent survey noted that 95% of workers are considering changing jobs. And we’ve certainly seen it in our research: iCIMS’ Monthly Workforce Report sees more candidates looking (both externally and internally) and job applications rising vs. last year.  This isn’t a short-term issue; this is a rapid acceleration of lack of workers and job vacancies. Global talent shortages will persist for years. Consider the number of working-age people in the U.S. shrank last yearThis has never happened before in United States history.  

There’s a lot being explored on “why” this is happening. Burnout, poor employee experience during the pandemic, a new YOLO (you only live once) frame of mind, lower birth rates, etc.  

What we do know is today, talent is looking for things to be different. For example, 2/3 of job seekers say a diverse workforce is important when considering job offers and 1/3 don’t want to work full time on site.  

With this in mind, it’s never been more critical to rethink how you’re connecting (or re-connecting) with talent. iCIMS is on a mission to transform how you do this. 

Read the software release highlights here.

We’re helping talent acquisition professionals, talent leaders, and CHROs transform how they attract, engage, hire, and advance talent. And we’re continuing to deliver on this mission now with our summer release.  

Here are a couple of the highlights:  


Improved, more authentic experiences for candidates: 

  • Better insight and engagement with hiring organizations: In a tight talent market, authentic brands stand out. iCIMS’ Digital Assistant can now respond to candidate questions with employee-generated, contextualized video content created through iCIMS Video Studio. This provides an engaging talent experience and enables talent teams to communicate with candidates seamlessly between text, chat, and video applications.  
  • More personalized connections: When joining talent communities, candidates can now easily highlight specialized skills and certifications to ensure they receive more relevant news and job openings.  

Plus, we’re making it even more accessible and automated for Talent Acquisition professionals to do their jobs with:  

  • AI-enabled talent matching in candidate relationship management (CRM): Talent matching capabilities are now available in iCIMS CRM, enabling customers to select an ideal candidate from an existing pipeline for a position, and best-match candidates will be automatically identified based on skills and experience. iCIMS’ intelligent talent matching reduces manual efforts, provides a more straightforward, faster way for recruiters to deliver best-fit talent to managers, and helps to reduce unconscious bias within the process.   
  • Expanded campaign automation: iCIMS CRM now helps talent teams schedule emails at peak engagement hours across various time zones to help the right candidates get updates at the right place and time. This helps recruiters build more relevant, timely, and impactful connections with candidates, resulting in better experiences and faster hiring. 

These are just a few of the highlights in our summer release.  

Read more here to learn more about all of our summer release innovations and how they can help you better connect (or re-connect) to talent today.

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