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Tips to grow your talent network with recruiting software

September 26, 2023
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It takes recruiters an average of 41 days to fill an open role, according to iCIMS 2023 Workforce Report. Finding – and securing – qualified talent isn’t always easy. Especially when it comes to filling a vital role quickly. And the longer it takes to land a top candidate, the higher the cost to the business.

Read on to learn how you can use recruiting software to build a robust network of talent and create long-term recruiting solutions that boost your bottom line.


Nurture candidates before they are ready to apply

Engaging candidates is about more than reaching out when you have a job to fill. To build a warm pipeline of talent for future openings, it helps to nurture the cold candidates in your database. Tools like iCIMS Marketing Automation let recruiters nurture the candidates already in your ATS with content that is relevant to them, without the manual admin work for recruiters. An example of this is reaching out to professionals with development content or getting in touch with recent graduates to congratulate them ahead of joining the workforce.

By communicating with potential candidates before they are ready to apply, you cement your employer brand in candidates’ minds and build a connection with candidates. By the time you’re ready to hire you will have a pipeline of qualified candidates who are interested in your organization.


Widen the funnel with video recruiting

When the time comes to jump ship, it can be hard for candidates to manage the expectations of hiring processes alongside their current role.

On-demand video interviews offer a softer, less committal way to begin the interview process. Video interviews add flexibility to the recruiting process and help widen your pool of candidates. By making things easier for candidates, you encourage a more diverse range of candidates and help build a healthy network of talent.

Recruiting platforms like iCIMS offer recruiters live and on-demand video interviewing so that you can reach candidates at scale, while speeding up time to hire.


Make use of automated referrals

Before joining your organization, more often than not your employees have already built a strong career and have a wealth of connections in the industry. If you’re not tapping into your employees’ network, you’re missing out on an opportunity to hire great talent that your team can already vouch for. Not to mention, referred employees show reduced time to hire, higher retention rates and greater job satisfaction.

Recruiting software like iCIMS ATS can track your employee referral program, together with your other employee recruitment and retention efforts. An employee referral program is a great way to utilize the talent already in your organization and grow your network.


Communicate with candidates after the interview

It’s easy to assume the hard work is over once your top candidate signs on the dotted line. But remember, the experience talent has with your brand post-interview may say more about your organization than any other stage in the talent journey. Data from iCIMS European Talent Experience Report 2023 shows that 59% of corporations fail to send candidates feedback from a recruiter after the application process. Additionally, 90% of corporations do send automated follow ups. That’s not surprising given that recruiter time is limited. TA teams are being asked to do more with less, and it’s a balancing act trying to build ROI with less budget.

Automation tools like iCIMS Marketing Automation help candidates build a connection with your employer brand by making automated communications more meaningful. Maintaining open lines of communication with candidates make them more likely to engage with your organization and accept a job offer when the time is right. To engage candidates throughout the talent journey, recruiters need to utilize recruiting software that cuts down on manual admin time while improving the experience talent has with your brand.


Connect with candidates on the platform of their choice

It’s easy for talent to feel alienated from the recruiting process. Long waiting times and poor communication are some of the ways candidates become disinterested in your organization, and in some cases, move on to a vacancy with one of your competitors.

Text recruiting allows recruiters to connect with talent anytime, anywhere — on the platform of their choice. By giving the control back to the candidate, you improve their initial experience with you, and your employer brand. If candidates feel that they are respected from the get-go, they are much more likely to stay engaged with your organization, whether they got the job, or not.

Plus, texting allows for personalization. Companies that use text messaging may appear to be more approachable and communicative, leaving positive connotations to potential new employees.


Grow your talent pools with virtual career fairs

One of the most promising ways for companies and job seekers to connect is through a job fair. But in a global job market not every candidate is able to travel to attend an in-person event.

iCIMS virtual career fair platform lets recruiting teams create online chat-based events where they can meet job seekers to exchange information about job openings.

Virtual recruitment events are a great way to increase event registrations and grow your pool of talent. Whether your candidates live locally or not, virtual events offer flexibility and convenience for candidates looking to find out more about working with you.


Tapping into your talent network

With the right recruiting software, building sustainable recruiting solutions doesn’t have to be a mission. A robust talent network takes some of the hard work away from recruiters and makes finding that right candidate a little less painful.

Read our blog post to find out how investing in recruiting software can help improve your ROI.

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