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iCIMS June Insights Report: Where are the tech job candidates?

June 23, 2022
iCIMS Staff
4 min read

The 2022 business and talent landscape continues to evolve. 

Month-over-month, iCIMS data shows increases in job openings, job applications, and hiring activity. Paired with record-setting levels of resignations and all-time lows in layoffs (per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), the numbers point to a continuing red-hot labor market. 

Tech workers continue to be in demand. Job openings and hires for tech roles are increasing across industries. Despite this surge in demand, candidates aren’t necessarily on the same page.  

As the market continues to ebb and flow, employers will need to deploy more strategic approaches to attract talent. This is particularly true when employers might be looking to fill positions that some job seekers may consider to be in an untraditional sector for their career path (i.e., tech jobs in healthcare).  

iCIMS Insights provides a deep understanding of the talent market through data drawn from its platform, including employer and job seeker activity from more than 4,000 customers and hundreds of millions of data points across job openings, applications, and hires.   

Download the full June Insights report to help attract, engage, hire, and advance the talent you need now.   


The state of the talent market

iCIMS data shows an increase in job opening activity, job applications, and hiring activity. Hiring is up nearly 60% since January 2021. However, there continues to be a sustained gap between applications and openings. Job openings are up 49% since Jan 2021. Whereas job applications are up only 12% since then.  

Despite market shifts in 2022, job growth is slow but steady. Overall, job openings are up 3% since January 2022. Across industry sectors, retail, healthcare, and tech are leading the pack – up 8%, 5%, and 4% respectively. 

Tech hiring

As of the end of May, tech jobs were in particularly high demand. This is especially true in healthcare, as the sector embraces digital transformation post-pandemic. Despite this surge in demand, candidates aren’t necessarily on the same page. Applications to tech openings in healthcare have been on a steady decline since last year. 

Job openings and hires for tech roles continue to trend upward. In fact, tech hires are up nearly 20% from January to May 2022 while hires overall are only up 14% in this same timeframe. Despite this surge in demand, most sectors are struggling to attract tech talent. While most open tech roles used to receive about 30 applications per opening (APO), that number has dropped about 20%. 

Struggling to fill tech positions? Here are the top 5 hiring challenges and how to solve them.  


Job growth is on the rise (unless you make over $100K)

Despite market shifts, job growth is back on the upswing across industries, with overall job growth up 3% since January 2022. The demand for workers is especially seen in the retail and healthcare sectors, up 8% and 5% respectively.  

Our report does show slower job growth for six-figure positions. Employers may be reevaluating talent needs as business priorities evolve. Job openings for $100k positions were up only 1%, while openings for jobs paying less than $50k were up more than 10%.  

Download the full June Insights report to do a deeper dive into last month’s hiring activity.   

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