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How click-to-apply takes the hassle out of hiring

September 22, 2021
iCIMS Staff
4 min read

“Click here to…” is a phrase we see everywhere. Tasks that took days now take just a few minutes. Look around, and you’ll see the option to click everywhere.  Click to make a purchase. Click to submit a form. Click to request information.

And – click-to-apply for a job. Employers are making the most of posting click-to-apply options on career sites, social media ads, and email messages. The focus on using click-to-apply is worth it.

Why make candidates jump through hoop after hoop to apply for a job? With tools like click-to-apply and text-to-apply you can make it easy for candidates to apply with just one click.

Give candidates what they want: less hassle

Right now, post-pandemic attrition rates and labor shortages in many industries have made it a candidate-driven employment market. At the end of April 2021, the U.S. had a record of 9.3 million open jobs with 1.5 million of those openings in the hospitality sector and 965,000 in retail.

Candidates want less hassle in applying for a job. That’s probably been true for decades. Who has ever said, “I want to take hours applying for a job?” No one. In the past, employers were limited in what they could offer for a quick application process. But today, it’s within our power to deliver on the candidate’s desire for less hassle.

Especially for retail, hospitality, and healthcare workers, a hassle-free application is a key to facilitating the hiring process. Candidates who work on the floor don’t have spare time to find and complete lengthy applications.

But click-to-apply isn’t just relevant for those sectors. It’s a smart solution for all candidates. Click-to-apply makes it easy for anyone to start their application when they are in the mood and mindset to apply. Consumers are driven to buy when it’s easy, and they can make a purchase with one click.

Candidates are, in some ways, employment consumers. They are shopping for the best fit, the best company culture, and the best opportunity they can find. Make it easy for them to apply, and you’re one step closer to helping them buy what you’re selling.

Another similar option is using text-to-apply campaigns to source candidates. By using a poster or some other physical advertisement for a job, you can attract potential job seekers. When candidates text a code word to the number you provide, they are guided through a quick application process.

Click-to-apply and text-to-apply both help establish a candidate-friendly pace to the process. It works well for people who might feel a little overwhelmed or intimidated when all the information is required upfront. If you’re worried that you won’t get enough data in a click-to-apply application, you can always collect more information as needed.

Get the candidate connection you need

When an application is as easy as clicking to apply, it streamlines the candidate connection to your employer brand. With one click, they can seamlessly start the application. Candidates aren’t stuck going from website to website or scrolling through a job posting to find out how to apply. Click-to-apply makes it clear what they need to do for their next step.

The seamless connection created with one click-to-apply also reduces the chances that employers will lose viable candidates. As consumers, we have short attention spans. The same is true for applications. It might be a deal-breaker for some candidates if they have to find another site to submit their applications. Make it clickable, and you’ll keep their interest.

For recruiters posting to job sites, having data captured via click-to-apply fed directly into the applicant tracking system is a huge time-saver. There’s no need for uploading and transferring files or cutting and pasting between applications. Candidate data is in one place and immediately accessible as part of the recruiting process.

Thanks to technology, there are many ways to take the hassle out of hiring – for both candidates and employers. Click-to-apply is one of the top ways you can quickly transform your hiring process from burdensome to best in class. With one click, you can deliver an experience that meets the needs of even the busiest job seeker.


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