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How Artificial Intelligence Software Will Boost Your Recruiting

July 31, 2018
iCIMS Staff
3 min read

Recruiting has become more complex and dynamic than ever before. Recruiting is increasingly consumer-focused as shifting job seeker behavior drives change in recruitment methods. To address the evolving complexity and consumer mindset of the recruiting landscape, employers are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) software to hire more effectively and provide a superior candidate experience.

AI and Recruiting

AI’s Effect on the Employer Experience

AI has the greatest potential to change the way employers find candidates, as reported in Fast Company. Unfilled positions or hiring the wrong person can have costly implications for employers, but AI can be a vital tool for effectively sourcing candidates. Forbes states that AI can undertake repetitive, time-consuming activities, reducing administrative tasks, enhancing efficiency, narrowing the talent pipeline and highlighting better talent.

In fact, according to a recent Korn Ferry global survey, 63 percent of nearly 800 HR professionals surveyed said that AI has already changed the way they recruit by automating tasks such as candidate sourcing, applicant screening and interview scheduling. This allows the recruiter to focus on more business-critical tasks, ultimately helping them to identify and attract best-fit talent. As asserted in Business Wire, “the intelligent use of technology provides an exciting path for the recruiter of the future.” Forbes further emphasizes that, over time, employers who have embraced AI will see recruiting costs and employee turnover reduced, and individual employee performance and company revenues increased.

AI’s Effect on the Job Seeker Experience

According to Forbes, the job seekers of today are consumers, and they expect the same experience when hunting for a job as they do when shopping on Amazon. They want personalized experiences, steady communication and quick decisions. Consequently, talent acquisition has become an undeniable aspect of an employer’s corporate brand, and research shows that a poor candidate experience doesn’t just hurt the recruitment process, but it also negatively effects sales. Candidates who are satisfied with their experience are twice as likely to become a customer of the hiring organization compared to unsatisfied candidates (53 percent vs. 25 percent). AI helps to meet job seekers’ expectations for a fast and easy experience by automating communication, and saving time and providing engagement during the application and interview processes.

How Companies are Effectively Using AI in Recruiting

Companies are effectively using AI in recruiting through Google-optimized job postings and the leading candidate engagement platform, TextRecruit.

Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities enable Google Search to detect and display available jobs as soon as they’re posted to an employer’s online career site. The improved job search experience helps candidates find the right jobs more quickly and efficiently; in turn, allowing employers to attract and hire the right talent. This initiative also reduces reliance on third-party job boards, saving employers on recruitment advertising costs.

In an interview with Fast Company, Susan Vitale, iCIMS’ chief marketing officer provides an example of Google’s AI abilities for conceptual search results, “For a candidate searching for, say, a CTO role, Cloud Job Discovery will serve up CTO positions as well as jobs with titles that are similar, but not verbatim, such as chief technology officer or chief technical officer.”

Furthermore, chatbots are quickly becoming one of the most prevalent AI-methods for screening candidates. Tools like Ari by TextRecruit, an AI-powered, customizable recruiting chatbot, use natural language processing and machine learning to announce jobs and engage candidates in two-way conversation asking and answering questions about open positions. Ari also screens candidates by gathering data and confirming skills, as well as schedules interviews.

Overall, by embracing artificial intelligence in recruiting, employers can hire best-fit talent more successfully, save time, reduce costs, and provide consumer-minded candidate experiences that will positively effect employer brand. Utilizing Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities and Ari by TextRecruit will allow companies to effectively evolve along with the shifting recruitment landscape.

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