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Find top talent in seconds with AI

May 21, 2021
iCIMS Staff
3 min read

Hiring your next great team member requires more than just the right skills. It requires the right timing.

Imagine it in your life.

Let’s say you need to find someone to fix your car ASAP — you need to get to work on time. You call up your favorite mechanic, but she’s booked solid today. She doesn’t leave you in the lurch, though. She recommends someone who has the exact expertise and who’s just around the corner. You know you’ll be in good hands.

Along similar lines, wouldn’t it be great if there was someone or something that could recommend amazing talent when your favorite candidates exit the hiring process?

That’s why iCIMS recently released intelligent talent matching. There’s no need to pick up the phone, get a recommendation, or ask your sourcers to shift their focus. Within seconds you can find a fantastic fit for your job similar to your top candidates.

See how AI talent matching is built right into the iCIMS Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

AI talent matching shows three profile previews that are similar to another candidate’s profile, visually showing how closely they match in terms of skills and experience.

Talent matching technology works on multiple levels to improve the experiences of recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.

Here are the four main ways AI can create a better work-life for you and your teams.

Build better relationships with hiring managers

You know that recruiting is all about connecting with people—both internally and externally. When those connections feel strained, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of making things right. For example, you might look at a hiring manager’s candidate requirements and feel overwhelmed. iCIMS’ AI hiring software creates more harmonious interactions with hiring managers by taking that seemingly impossible list and making it easy to find talent that matches those requirements.

Don’t let employee churn slow down high-performing teams

Imagine that a hiring manager reaches out to you, frantic that their star team member just gave their two-week notice. In a situation where a colleague may feel distressed, you can use the speed and accuracy of talent matching not only to solve the problem but to bring calm as well. With iCIMS ATS, you can reassure them that you can quickly surface candidates that match the departing employee’s skill and experience. Backfilling top talent doesn’t have to be a stressor, and you can have the answer at your fingertips.

Create a more equitable hiring process

When reviewing resumes, talent acquisition professionals may inadvertently introduce bias into the process based on their own interpretation of a candidate’s location, education, or name. (They are, after all, only human.) With AI-powered talent matching, you can be sure you find highly qualified and great-fit talent similar in skills and experience to other impressive candidates. With iCIMS’ AI, you can feel confident that intelligent talent matching will show you profiles your teams may have overlooked in the screening process. Since our algorithm only considers relevant qualifications, it’ll also increase the probability of advancing candidates from historically excluded groups.

Make a more significant positive impact on ROI with less effort

It’s a constant journey to figure out how to decrease time to fill and cost per hire—all while hiring top talent. Candidate drop-off can be a big part of the reason organizations don’t meet their hiring objectives. While you’re addressing the bigger picture of reducing drop-off, you can use intelligent talent matching to find an ideal candidate similar in skills and experience to that fantastic fit that decided to say goodbye. You keep tracking toward your goals, and so does the business.

The head of HR at Microsoft said, “iCIMS is a platform that impacts business results. It has allowed us to gain better business insights under one view for better decision-making power.”

With the power of AI recruiting software, your recruiting teams can get more done with the same amount of people—all while meeting or exceeding your organization’s overall hiring goals. That way, you can help build a talented, high-performing, and inclusive workforce—and positively impact your organization’s financial objectives.

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