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April Workforce Report: Health services hiring trends

This month’s report indicates the looming demise of the labor market may have been strongly exaggerated. After February’s slowdown in hiring activity, our April Workforce Report shows job applications, job openings and hires are all on the rise.

In fact, we’re seeing the highest job opening volume since the beginning of last year – leading to restored optimism in the market. In addition, job seeker activity jumped back to some of the highest levels we’ve seen since January 2022.

State of the talent market, April 2023

Below is a look at the latest hiring trends and insights within the healthcare industry labor market.


Challenging healthcare labor shortages

This month’s data shows that health services employers are still facing hiring challenges, even as the threat of COVID has diminished. Application volume continues to lag and remains barely above pre-pandemic levels.

But healthcare jobs, like nurses, are integral to health services operations. And with labor shortages expected to grow, many of these roles will, unfortunately, remain unfilled.

Healthcare platform indicators, April 2023


Nurses: Help wanted

The latest labor market trends indicate that nursing applications are roughly half the average across all healthcare roles. This number has remained consistently low since January 2022 – and is likely due to hesitation to work in healthcare as a result of COVID.

Healthcare applicants per opening, April 2023

However, applications for health services positions have slowly increased over the last nine months. This could indicate the market’s renewed interest and dwindling hesitation to work in healthcare settings following the pandemic.


Time-to-fill for healthcare

Despite the often complex and multi-layered interview processes for health services roles, the time to fill is in line with the overall labor market at 41 days, down from 48 in January 2022.

While interviews for nursing roles are particularly detailed and thorough, they are also being filled at around the same pace as other health services roles. This likely means there is an urgency to fill these critical roles as quickly as possible.

Healthcare time to fill, April 2023


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