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5 ways top brands wow talent with the iCIMS Talent Cloud

June 29, 2022
iCIMS Staff
8 min read

Whether it’s sending a friendly text or recording a personalized video, candidates remember when you go that extra step. By finding those moments of connection between you and your candidates, you can wow talent and make it easier for applicants to say yes to working with your company.

At iCIMS, we are fortunate to work with notable companies in various industries. These organizations use our talent acquisition software and data to create unique talent experiences daily.

Recently, we connected with five brands to figure out how their HR teams use the iCIMS Talent Cloud to wow talent. Here are 5 key takeaways: 

  1. When candidates feel seen and valued, they tend to stick around. 
  2. Start early to create touchpoints along the candidate’s journey. 
  3. Not every candidate responds the same way to content. Mix it up! 
  4. Video can help keep candidates engaged, informed, and delighted throughout their journey. 
  5. Connect with candidates through video to help personalize the experience.  

Do you want more insights into how these top brands use iCIMS? Keep reading and download our latest ebook to continue your in-depth look into how these brands use talent acquisition software. 

Hertz treats candidates like people 

Like many travel-oriented companies, Hertz had to overcome the crushing impact of the pandemic. While the pandemic affected 95% of the company’s fleet, critical work still had to be done and taking care of family at home made it challenging for Hertz’s employees to work like they did before. 

The Hertz team found that standard 12-hour shifts at airport locations had become an obstacle for candidates and employees who had dependents  to care for. 

Using iCIMS Insights to look at worker availability numbers, the Hertz team discovered that part-time workers craved more flexible work schedules.  

With some crafty thinking, Hertz unveiled “pick your own” schedules. This flexibility  made roles easier to fill, upped retention, and became an easy talking point for potential hires considering working for the brand. 

Key takeaway

Empowering employees to manage their own schedules helped them feel in the driver’s seat and valued by their employer.

Chewy reaches out to talent early and often 

Chewy consistently goes viral for the care they show customers and their pets. When you have a well-established brand, you want to ensure that employee experience matches your public persona. Chewy wanted to make sure that potential and current employees got the experience they were used to on the customer side. 

One of the ways that Chewy delivers an excellent employee experience starts before anyone joins the team. Chewy’s HR team strives to reach out to talent within 48 hours. 

Chewy found that when they reached out to candidates quickly, they could reduce the time to fill their positions by 45%. Texting is the preferred means of communication, as it sets a casual and friendly tone and candidates respond quicker than calls or email. Texting keeps candidates close and improved Chewy’s response rates. 

Key takeaway

Using texting to reach out to talent early and often helped Chewy create an experience that matched their customer brand while improving time to fill. 


PetSmart speaks its candidates’ language 

PetSmart knows that how you speak to your candidates matters, so it teamed up with iCIMS to understand what makes potential employees more likely to hit submit on a job application and to revamp its careers page accordingly. 

The team talked to candidates and associates to understand how different people absorb content. As a result, the new page is full of fun content like videos, GIFs, and memes that  appeal to pet-loving applicants. PetSmart has seen greater traffic to its new career site and more diverse candidates. Thanks to the unique content, applicant quality has increased! 

“There’s no longer a line between consumer and employer brands… Being able to understand both sides is really important when you’re evaluating your employment brand and what that conversation should look like,” shared Dani Laven, PetSmart’s Manager of TA Operations and Employer Brand. 

Key takeaway

It’s okay to create a fun and unique employer brand. Employees who fit your company culture will be attracted to content that resonates with their values 


Celanese helps put candidates from historically excluded groups (HEG) at ease with video 

Applying at a company can be scary, especially if you are a part of an HEG. From the outside looking in, it can be challenging to understand how the company will treat you once you join the organization. Does a company live up to its diversity statement and career content? Celanese understands that candidates can feel unsure about the application process, so it aims to help them feel at ease. 

Celanese depends on iCIMS Video Studio to create and send welcome videos to potential hires. iCIMS Video Studio lets Celanese employees create quick, unscripted, and authentic content using their phones or laptops that doesn’t require big production costs. 

These videos help candidates understand what to expect during the hiring process. According to LinkedIn, 48% of candidates respond well to getting interview information ahead of time. By recording a quick video using your talent acquisition software, you’ll be able to share expectations in a personable way. 

Key takeaway

Video helps put potential employees at ease. When you want employees from historically excluded groups to feel at home, try putting a face to your company. 


Spectrum creates an authentic experience for veterans 

Lastly, video can give potential hires a glimpse into what it’s like to work at your organization. When candidates can envision their workday at your company, they are more likely to join your team. Spectrum understands that seeing is believing, and it uses talent acquisition software to build connections. 

Transitioning to civilian life can be hard. Spectrum has a veteran workforce representation of 9.4% and leverages iCIMS Video Studio to create employee-generated videos to personalize the talent experience and provide transparency into what it’s like for a veteran to work there. When other military professionals see videos from current veterans, they see someone who’s perspective they can trust, and that goes deeper than a static image on a career site. 

Spectrum uses employee generated videos throughout the candidate journey. One of its most viewed videos is of a hiring manager congratulating a new hire. 

Key takeaway

Video helps potential hires envision themselves at your company. When it comes to groups like veterans, the feeling that comes from seeing themselves in your company makes a world of difference. 


Use the right talent acquisition software to make a big difference at work 

If you want to increase the quality of your applicants, take a play from the book of top brands. Start with the right talent acquisition software. Well-known organizations use iCIMS recruiting software to create and deliver experiences that delight their candidates and employees. 

Companies rely on iCIMS because our software enables them to transform  talent acquisition with one unified platform. Do you want to learn more about how organizations power transformation with iCIMS? Download our latest ebook to learn how top brands wow talent. 

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