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3 ways to foster a culture of recruiting across your business

Gazmend Kalicovic
March 18, 2021

A doctor, a banker, and a lawyer meet at a bar. Which one do you think moonlights as a talent acquisition professional?

The seemingly obvious answer would be, “probably none of them,” right? One is busy saving people’s lives, another is saving people money, and the last one is keeping people out of trouble. None of them are recruiters.

Or are they?

The truth is, your workforce is an extension of your brand. And while official roles and job titles vary, all of your employees have one very important thing in common: they represent your company around the clock.

They each interact with their network of peers, who are in turn exposed to – and form an opinion of – your brand and whether or not they’d work for your company. In the example above, the doctor might rave about how great it is to work at his hospital, enticing the lawyer to go home and check out openings for legal counsel positions.

The most successful organizations harness the awesome power of this network effect. They recognize that fostering a culture of recruiting throughout the business – one in which hiring managers and employees, not just recruiters, proactively source and hire talent – helps build a more diverse, winning workforce.

So how do you go about unleashing the power of your people? What can you do to turn employees into active and passionate talent ambassadors who work as an extension of your recruiting team?

Start with these three tips:

Provide a platform for your colleagues to share their stories

There’s a reason online customer reviews remain a leading indicator of sales performance: we tend to listen to – and base future decisions on – real experiences from real people.

The world of talent acquisition is hardly different. Your candidates want to know what it’s like to work at your company, and they want to hear directly from the people who work there.

Make sure you’re giving your colleagues the platform they need to share the stories your candidates crave. Have employees write blog posts highlighting their experiences at your company, sharing each post on your corporate social pages.

Better yet, give your employees the ability to create their own branded, production-quality employee testimonial videos that you share and display on your career site to add an extra element of authenticity to your recruitment marketing efforts.

Make hiring managers happier (and more productive): embed recruiting into their workflow

In a survey commissioned by Microsoft, over 30% of remote and first-line workers say the pandemic has increased burnout at work.

Hiring managers are already overwhelmed. The last thing you want to do is force them to log into your ATS and learn yet another system to approve a job or give feedback on a candidate. They’ll dread the process, take longer to act on qualified candidates, and the entire hiring experience will inevitably suffer.

Instead, think about how you can remove friction and bring the hiring process into their existing workflow. Has your organization standardized a specific chat and communication tool like Microsoft Teams?

If so, think about how you can build certain parts of your hiring process right into Microsoft Teams. Consider letting hiring managers approve new requisitions, provide job descriptions, and submit post-interview candidate feedback directly within Teams. Not only will your managers be more likely to respond faster, they’ll be happier, more engaged, and more likely to collaborate throughout the recruiting process.

Formalize an employee referral program

It’s been shown that new hires referred by current employees are often a stronger cultural addition, tend to be more engaged, more productive, and are more likely to become long-term employees. It also costs roughly 40% less to hire a referred candidate thanks to a reduced spend on job boards, advertising, and agency fees.

When you consider the long-term value and cost savings, your employees are the undisputed champions of quality candidate sources. It stands to reason then, that a dedicated program designed to increase employee referrals is key to recruiting success.

Providing incentives as part of a referral plan is a great way to foster a company-wide recruiting mindset. The incentives don’t necessarily have to be cash-based; non-cash rewards like extra holidays or days off can go a long way, too.

If you’re planning on standing up a new referral program this year, or just looking to optimize your existing program, be sure to browse our employee referral partners on the iCIMS Marketplace. They provide referral platforms that integrate seamlessly with the iCIMS Talent Cloud, allowing you to automate how you capture, manage, and hire referred candidates.

iCIMS can help you foster a stronger recruiting culture through video-led experiences and flow of work integrations. Learn more here in iCIMS’ Q1 2021 Winter Release video.

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