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General Counsel

Please click on the links below to learn more about iCIMS' Policies, Procedures and Agreements

Master Subscription Agreement

Subscription Agreement 7OCT2021

Additional Product Addenda

Communication Addendum 7OCT2021
Language Assessment Addendum 7OCT2021
Marketing Automation Addendum 23MAY2022
Opportunity Marketplace Addendum 24NOV2021
Recruitment Marketing Addendum 7OCT2021
Talent Cloud AI Addendum 12FEB2021
Test Builder Addendum 23MAR2022
Video Interview Addendum 7OCT2021
Video Studio Service Addendum 7OCT2021
Connector for LinkedIn RSC Addendum 16AUG2019
Insights Addendum 27JUL2022

Legacy Agreements & Policies

Data Security & Privacy Statement 12SEPT2021
Incident Response Policy & Process 6SEPT2021
IT Security Policy 6SEPT2021

Support & Customer Success

Support & Maintenance Policy 11JUN2018
Premium Success Addendum 1JUN2018
Business Continuity Statement COVID-19 11MAR2020

Privacy & Security

Data Processing Addendum 27SEPT2021
Data Processing Addendum 27SEPT2021 (Current Subscribers)
Subscriber Data Security Addendum 27SEPT2021
Subprocessor List 29AUG2022


Acceptable Use Policy 12FEB2021
iCIMS Modern Slavery Statement 2021
iCIMS Code of Conduct 2022
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