Vista Equity Partners and iCIMS

Vista Equity Partners invested in iCIMS in August 2018 and helped accelerate the company’s growth and innovation.

A strategic partnership


Vista’s investment in iCIMS happened shortly after iCIMS strategically partnered with recruitment and human capital management software organizations ADP and Ultimate Software, and later the acquisition of TextRecruit.

Susquehanna Growth Equity, who previously invested in iCIMS, continues to be a shareholder and serves on iCIMS’ Board of Directors.

Impact and growth

In the year following Vista’s investment, iCIMS grew annual recurring revenue from enterprise customers by more than 50% and achieved its sixth straight year of delivering double-digit growth.

iCIMS received additional recognition that same year when Founder & Chairman Colin Day, who previously served as CEO, was named to The Software Report’s Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2019.

We’re very proud to partner with Vista, who has a phenomenal reputation and strong technology expertise, to accelerate our growth. Given the size of the industry, iCIMS’ track record, and our team of dedicated, talented employees, we continue to see an incredible opportunity for iCIMS to win this market. Vista’s support gives us additional confidence in making that a reality.

Colin Day

Founder & Chairman, iCIMS

About Vista Equity Partners

Vista Equity Partners was founded in 2000 by Robert F. Smith, Chairman and CEO. The investment firm specializes in its work with technology, data, and enterprise software companies, and serves customers in its portfolio out of offices in Austin, Chicago, Oakland, New York, and San Francisco.

Vista works to create sustainable, long-term growth for its partner organizations, and has dedicated teams who work with upper management at each organization to create a customized plan to expand into new product markets, increase customer base, and improve revenue and value for all stakeholders.

Philanthropy and giving back

Vista is committed to the philanthropic partnerships it’s formed over the years. The company’s long-term charitable partnerships include organizations that specialize in providing educational opportunities for children and teens, as well as organizations teaching financial literacy and coding basics.

These organizations include Girls Who Invest and, among many others. Vista has also partnered with Scratch, MIT’s creative coding initiative for children and teens, to help expand teaching opportunities for children living in underserved communities.

Vista and Scratch announced a five-year partnership in the Spring of 2020 to continue to provide coding education for children nationwide.

Connect with Vista

For more information about Vista Equity Partners, connect with them on YouTube and LinkedIn.