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iCIMS Powers Talent Transformation with New Candidate and Hiring Team Experiences

New iCIMS Talent Cloud innovations enable organizations to adapt to evolving business needs

HOLMDEL, N.J. [Feb. 23, 2021] – Business leaders have evolving needs and challenges in this new era of work, and 97% of employers are planning to invest in technology expansion this year to accommodate virtual hiring. Today, iCIMS, the talent cloud company, announced the latest innovations to enable business, HR, and talent acquisition leaders worldwide to embrace current workplace challenges, including being tasked to do more with less resources, re-imagining virtual hiring, and building diverse, winning teams at scale for the future.

iCIMS data shows double-digit growth in new job openings during the first two months of 2021, indicating imminent strength in the labor market and an increased need for employers to find and hire the best talent in the world. Enhancements to the iCIMS Talent Cloud enable employers to be more adaptive, simplify hiring, and deliver elegant, engaging experiences for candidates and hiring teams by:

  • Accelerating hiring decisions: iCIMS is transforming the way employers hire through its award-winning partnership with Microsoft that fuses the communication and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft’s apps with the strength of the iCIMS Talent Cloud. iCIMS for Microsoft Teams allows recruiters and hiring managers to provide interview feedback – during or after live video meetings – directly within Microsoft Teams to accelerate the ease and speed of hiring.
  • Unifying candidate data in a centralized, Dynamic Candidate Profile: Employers can now leverage comprehensive talent data in a single, unified, and dynamic profile to make faster, more informed hiring decisions. The Dynamic Candidate Profile delivers greater personalization in the talent experience and allows employers to better understand people’s skills, capabilities, and future potential to bring the best performance to their organization.
  • Gaining more control with new, native video interview capabilities: Following the acquisition of EASYRECRUE, iCIMS now offers native video interviewing to give hiring teams more control and deeper value. iCIMS Video Interviews provides the option for both live and on-demand video interviewing for more candidate flexibility and uses AI-powered recommendations to reduce bias and improve recruiter productivity.
  • Delivering a better mobile experience for busy hiring managers: iCIMS’ mobile app for hiring managers was redesigned to offer a modern, more intuitive experience. Now, busy managers can keep the hiring process moving while on-the-go with quick access to candidate details and key actions in more intuitive locations within the app, ultimately reducing the time to fill open roles.
  • Strengthening integrations for a better user experience: Turnkey activation into UKG and Ceridian allows for quick and easy authentication and streamlined experiences between the iCIMS Talent Cloud and employers’ HCM provider of choice.

“Our latest capabilities deliver innovative video-led experiences, re-imagined mobile apps, and new experiences in everyday ‘flow of work’ business applications,” said Mark Brandau, VP of portfolio marketing at iCIMS. “We are committed to consistently delivering new functionality to our customers, enabling them to intuitively handle the challenges of the rapidly-changing labor market, while streamlining how they interact with our technology, their talent and their world.”

More information on iCIMS’ products and new capabilities are available here. Register for the webinar on March 10 to learn more about iCIMS’ enhanced experiences for hiring teams and candidates, new innovations to empower recruiters to do less but deliver more, and dive into the new dashboard that helps employers fuel strong results.

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