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How to reveal your authentic employer brand in less than one minute

Natasha Daniels testimonial

That’s my teammate Natasha.

She’s a fun, sociable, smart technical product manager who advocates for and participates in numerous employee resource groups (ERGs). Natasha is a founding member of iBelong — iCIMS’ ERG for internal diversity and inclusion. She’s also a guest speaker to students on the importance of representation in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) industry.

For all these reasons, she is an ideal employee to spotlight as an employee testimonial on our career site. Her authenticity appeals to newcomers looking to learn more about the iCIMS team. And her quote (above) works perfectly because it is in her original words and based on her personal experience at the company.

Employee testimonials, and images, help readers connect to your culture and get to know who the real people are behind the scenes. Testimonials are an effective recruitment marketing tool to use on your career sites, recruitment marketing newsletters, candidate relationship management (CRM) campaigns, and text campaigns.

But an even more engaging experience lets Natasha shine and connect with prospective candidates through employee-generated videos. These quick videos are easy to make and return high value.

Why should you leverage employee testimonial videos?

Well, what if I said you could increase SEO traffic to your career site by 75%?

More traffic means more eyes on your open roles. Plus, not only does it drive traffic and increase engagement on your career site, but it converts more applicants, too, leading to a shorter time to fill.

Applications increase 34% when video testimonials are used in job descriptions. 

You don’t have to take my word for it – check it out for yourself.

Compare this video of Natasha to her quote above to see which is more engaging:


I think we’d all agree that the static quote is great, but in the pre-recorded employee testimonial videos Natasha brought her words to life.

In less than one minute, Natasha explained why she loves the culture at iCIMS. Her real examples (of coming together to celebrate children’s milestones like graduation or lending support in times of mourning) make the video something you can connect to. It’s engaging, interesting, and vulnerable. I know Natasha, but I also know that you will feel like you know her if you watch the video.

That’s the beauty of videos. They are real and really simple to create.

Employees can develop videos themselves, from any device, in any location. You can also select any question for your employees to answer.

Here are 3 sample questions that we find most customers use to connect with viewers:

  1. What do you love most about the {company name} culture?
  2. What is it like working on your team or in your organization?
  3. What has your experience been like in your time at {company name}?

These are just three quick samples. The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting the best prompts to advocate for your authentic employer brand.

How do you know that employee testimonial videos produce real results?

Employee-generated video content showcases your employer brand and delivers measurable results at all stages of the hiring process. To get results from videos, you will want to measure performance and your recruitment marketing ROI with detailed analytics and in-depth insights.

Want to learn more?

Tell your story through those who matter the most – your people. iCIMS Video Studio helps you produce employee video content at scale and on budget. It’s part of the iCIMS Talent Cloud: an innovative, scalable platform to build the teams you need, from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about iCIMS Video Studio and how it can support your team in attracting talent at every stage of the process. Check out our latest infographic here.

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